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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 5557 words, update at: 2019-07-28 18:58

Island of green coconut tree.

At this moment, it is local time 7:30 a.m. . After Yu Xianfeng informs him Tian Bixia has left a public house, do not have much meeting, get the speech that adds cipher telegram word to send again: "We had taken off, the old, forest total, Jiang Zong and I come over together. The old, forest total, Jiang Zong and I come over together..

9 leave very suitably on the road into new X5, bumpy a section of a highway bends a section of a highway with abduct, when passing, the function of the car is developed very well.

Destination is grange of the calm in shellfish, this village is in the hinterland of a valley, open the past from the hotel, get on bad news 3 hours.

Rescue the hardships and dangers when couple of Han herd appropriate, with the trouble that gives on the plane, did not make Yu Xianfeng clear come over: How can these two people have Han Muyi and fierce glad so great magic power?

Had arrived island of green coconut tree, one's own side works even actually before rising, these two ace come to the old and Hao Chen of Lin Xiao ease, Jiang.

Is the old too a bit more careful?

However, when car travel crosses half path, all around plant gradually concentrated, signs of human habitation is more and more exiguous, han Mu Yi above all insecurity rises: "At the moment, again won't occupied? Again won't occupied??

Yu Xianfeng afterbrain is a bit cool, comfort on the mouth: "Should not. "Should not..

Can appear suddenly on the road one wears the J country that confuses colour to take soldier. This soldier returns brandish to begin brachial signal jockeys. That soldier backside still has heavy toll-gate, pulling abatis to bestrew spinal roadblock to distributing to go up in road.

Yu Xianfeng is a bit foolish: This is early with respect to ready-made blast battle!

See those soldiers, facial features color of skin is authentic J compatriots, how does meeting just in time appear on this road, where is the car that blocks oneself only again?

Step on next brake, his bellyful doubt during, be seen by him the person is taking Na Mingjun to get a picture on the hand again, one piece is Han Mu Yi, one piece is Wu Xin, the 3rd piece, it is him himself unexpectedly!

If be the road is illuminated fully,calculated, unluckily it is formal that oneself photograph is patted very, blue ground without hat, facial features clarity. It is clearly when the first day enters the Milky way, file in what spot of point of material of building of the Milky way films photograph.

J country the people on one's own side in the army, take this piece of picture impossibly, the person that return a clique intercepts him so on the road.

Yu Xianfeng hesitates no longer, fly one foot, that the name is in him interrogate and examine the soldier played a fall. Meanwhile, that soldier also raises the gun come. Sitelin Paqiete *** , instant of odd a running fire can offer an alternative. Yu Xianfeng when one foot kicks him, that soldier forward the sky fires a chain of bullet.

Yu Xianfeng pulls out handgun, strong move rushs head on two outside two soldiers opened two guns. When two soldiers take a prone dodges, he is rapid the car on change, pull reverse, ability accelerator, open car instant give ten meters.

*** bullet is like raindrop same howl and to.

Yu Xianfeng cries greatly at the same time: "Bend over below, bend over below! " turn energetically at the same time steering wheel, turn around the car dealings just leaves. Driving a car, his brain is in at full speed consider: Since ahead has,intercept, rear have surely pursue and attack. Han Mu Yi to light child very important, of light of in every case child can not have place for certain with the method that arrive need not its extremely. That is to say, the city is answered for certain do not go, grange of the calm in shellfish must want to go. Thinking so, he drives the car a crossroad, open navigation system next, locate afresh and build new ongoing line.

The cross-country function of BMW X5 indeed pretty good, but the field of herd horse person that hostile place drives is cross-country more fluent. The rear of BMW X5 is swept to bar by *** almost.

A piece of Han Mu Yicang is white face, because fear dread despair and flow,all be all over the face drip drifting sweat, his wife fierce glad crouchs in backlash corner, closing an eye not shut up is reading aloud sacred name.

Yu Xianfeng is done not have outstanding can the weapon that in order to strikes back, wild mountain of desolate place outside of town also does not have the condition that makes his in order to whirly. Soon person of 3 herd horse is closer and closer, he is abrupt heart one horizontal stroke, raise the gun come.

Smooth child those who want is Han Mu Yi, at the moment, shine in his brain and pass a terrible idea, that is will smooth child pressing the Han Mu Yixian that pursue and attack beats dead.

Nevertheless, this thought also shines in brain, abrupt between, a blaze appears on rearview mirror. Yu Xianfeng actual combat is seasoned, reaction gives that under flint of light produced by electricity is a bazooka. Circumstances too too nervous, make he does not have a law to be judged correctly, have the illusion that is hit by ** on the spot. Brain is given out oneself show paralytic, come back namely at the moment a faintness. Shake tremendously pounded the body, yu Xianfeng feels he wants the disintegrate that be gotten by bow wave tear at, for ages for ages, transmit truly without too intense keenly feel however.

The sound of *** " Da Da Da " noisy it is by the side of ear, yu Xianfeng regains consciousness abruptly come over, look later, person of horse of a herd is flown by scamper, another soldier above is shot dead. The soldier that leaves person of horse of a herd to go up holds a head in the arms to step down car, j country ** arms army outflank come over.

Of intercept Yu Xianfeng is the force of villain in drama among ** army, and arm army chieftain lets Yu Xianfeng show the certificate that can prove him identity, be in affirming Yu Xianfeng is really after serving to combine ** , very cooperate to put him to leave.

This change makes Yu Xianfeng alarmed and happy.

Leave from wild country on after the highroad, be less than 20 minutes, grange of the calm in shellfish arrived. The comfortable from time to time of Hei Ying helicopter that Tian Bixia drives stops. Changed the Chu Zhengzhe that combines ** army military uniform, with a suit common military uniform holds day of the Lin Xiao ease that play the part of, Jiang Hao, aboard waves to them.

Leave the area, the big mouth of Jiang Hao Chen takes the lead in noisy: "I say the general of island of this green coconut tree, be not what do not believe we are to give associated ** to work, persuade him to gave force of sent out troops to fight in time to abandon me how many effort ah. Guard 244 people, I and A ease must be in 5 minutes in do calm. I and A ease must be in 5 minutes in do calm..

Ease thumb points to Lin Xiao point to oneself: "J country is indicative cheetah decoration of the hero, I am taken. I am taken..

Jiang Hao Chen gives him one fist: "Not be I stall head of 4 their chunk, you take a spirit! You take a spirit!!

Chu Zhengzhe and J country are gotten army national Captain has sex, signed one pile document, took a picture several pieces, waited for a many hour again, that Captain salute, say with native language: "You can go. "You can go..

Hao Chen of Lin Xiao ease, Jiang waiting.

Chu Zhengzhe brandish waves, they board the plane together just now.

The airlines flies airport of for military use, they take the private plane that come round, still send them.

Couple of glad of fierce of Han herd appropriate is in all the time insecurity and terrified condition.

Chu Zhengzhe comes to them before, respected a military salute, self introduction: "I am associated ** what with country of an ancient name for China J military region leads jointly is special fight the commander that army is stationed in base of the Milky way, I call Chu Zhengzhe. " a chain of noun and last name, pacified the mood of couple of Han herd appropriate.

Han Muyi and fierce glad stand up at once, mix early or late his handclasp.

Sit down afresh, chu Zhengzhe just says: "Actually I am to suffer eaves to connect the member that Han Te sends area of electronic big China to entrust, greet 2 to go back to the motherland. Greet 2 to go back to the motherland..

"Small brace up? " couple of Han herd appropriate not by look at each other in speechless despair.

"Be, tell from origin, the member that I and Han Te are sent still is together jointly the alumnus that the school has read a book. Several years ago, the member that Han Te is sent is had been to east city, the book has studied in Ying Hua. The book has studied in Ying Hua..

"Oh! " Wu Xin cries first: "You are that Chu Zhengzhe! "You are that Chu Zhengzhe!!

Chu Zhengzhe also did not blush, laughing to nod.

Han Mu Yi also has answered a god to come, on one at present stared at Chu Zhengzhe to look for ages.

"Feel my unlike? "Feel my unlike??

Han Muyi and fierce glad nod together. Han Mu Yi says: "Hou Hetian and we say in those days, the thing went, solve toward advantage as far as possible, we also listen to him. But, say really, so old come, remember thing of that year, we think Hunan commander you, be... hey, it is a Mang Fu! It is a Mang Fu!!

"Do not blame you to think so, " Chu Zhengzhe smile is not broken, "Still have a thing, teach your research about Han, what be although I still do not know that is specific,, but, I believe to combining ** character, the meeting is very valuable, I hope, han Jiao awards you to be able to give I. Han Jiao awards you to be able to give I..

Thinking of Han herd appropriate rotates at full speed, rub rub two hands, just now: "The reveal everything that I can know me, want to combine ** to be interested only. But I am conditional: I hope to change my citizenship, and, I ask home of an ancient name for China can offer asylum. I ask home of an ancient name for China can offer asylum..

"We can send you toward Jiangxi. " Tian Bixia says.

Chu Zhengzhe nods: "Right. A mountainous area relief there is complex, place also somebody can protect you, you can be at ease completely. . ..

Tian Bixia is compensatory: "Then the individual calls Chen Tong. "Then the individual calls Chen Tong..

Chu Zhengzhe receives quickly go down: "Calculate the person that must going up is us. "Calculate the person that must going up is us..

Han Mu Yi lowered his head to ponder very long, take out a plastic case from the bosom.

Sealing of this plastic box is very tall, 5 working procedure need when opening. After 5 working procedure end, what show inside is a whole sealing transparent inside bravery. Inside the thing inside bravery, chu Zhengzhe looked only, know to do not have a fault.

Song Shijun sits on the seat that stands by tail, eventually when Chu Zhengzhe comes to her on.

"You make me dumbfounded really. "You make me dumbfounded really..

"Have so exaggerative? "Have so exaggerative??

"Say with me before you, what can do for Ning Xi, I still do not believe: Han Zhen is in home, you went to abroad however, doing not have those who think of you say is true. Xu Xiaoman can restrict Han Zhen, because Han Zhen's parents is on the force hand with her an organic whole,be, right? Right??

Chu Zhengzhe thinks: "Occasionally, the means of settlement of different thing is same actually. The means of settlement of different thing is same actually..

Song Shijun 2 a list of things are good.

Chu Zhengzhe is stared at to get lose one's temper: "Why should see me so? "Why should see me so??

"The person on this world and thing, how can you have so big difference? I am thinking, if times returns, when returning my girl, my choose is watched occasionally, should change. Why must is hang by the neck on congratulate day body? He can do less than resembling you are right Ning Xi such. He can do less than resembling you are right Ning Xi such..

Chu Zhengzhe laugh: "Each one each life, my life also was destined, I won't be in first awakening of love when, as it happens and you are met. " , pure colors, "I still tell young season elder brother, you follow me to go together island of green coconut tree. You follow me to go together island of green coconut tree..

Song Shijun one Jing, come down very quickly calmly again: "I am absent one day full, he is so clever, information develops again, guess forbid, check also check allowed. Check also check allowed..

"How had wanted to went back to say? "How had wanted to went back to say??

"Do you say? "Do you say??

Chu Zhengzhe a pair of inky pupil are even more dark: "Truth fact says, convey the sincerity that gives you as far as possible, I think, young season elder brother can make allowances for you. Young season elder brother can make allowances for you..

He Tian waits to be in in the high speed crossing that go into town personally, the motorcade that sees the Milky way comes over, he is busy come down from the car. Receive Song Shijun, he did not say the word of blame, be all smiles however, with Chu Zhengzhe handclasp: "Thank you, come back safety belt of small skin of the bamboo. Come back safety belt of small skin of the bamboo..

Chu Zhengzhe says: "Not be the action with alarming what, taking also do not matter. Taking also do not matter..

He Tian nods: "You are OK really now take charge of a department alone, very good, be pretty good! " take the arm that takes Chu Zhengzhe, play the hand of a Song Shijun, their husband and wife waves to fasten to Chu Zhengzhe together.

"East A95888 " leave toward Ping Jingshan, zhang Yunting looks steadily forward, the He Tian on backlash did not say a word again. Return the home, he also did not say other, enjoin bath of bubble of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty only, when sleeping, song Shijun is endured beside him, he also is like as one used to do same, stretch his hand to hug Song Shijun.

The following day, he Tian woke early in the morning. Song Shijun is in the dream, but the heart is medium occupied, he Tiangang easily, she also wakes. He Tiangang enters toilet, she also follows go in, one person holds a cistern to brush one's teeth, wash a face, later, he Tianxian changes good clothes, said voice to Song Shijun later: "I went down first. "I went down first..

Song Shijun at once make choice of skirt of gauze of a naked pink, had worn, comb suitable hair, develop a door.

Come to dining-room, besides He Tian, congratulate listen wind, Xuyifei has taken a seat, he Ningxi arrives finally, 5 people, 5 breakfast, each are not identical, summerly aunt is taking lackey to be put one by one on desk.

The family has a meal, begin to chat.

Congratulate listen wind gets of Mu Jiliang, Mu Jicheng invite, go elder brother accept attends a distinguished personages to collect. This is to hiding the truth from Mu Jiwei completely to act, to congratulate listen wind, this is the good signal that admits this eventually with full brothers, his keen interest is so high, did not stop to say a few.

He Tian can expect can have how to annoy after Mu Jiwei knows this thing, but, kiss affection after all cover is sufficient precious, father at the moment an idea is enmeshed in joy, he won't not know no matter in what way of course, spill father a cold water.

Make wind of listen of congratulate of Yi humble inclined shoot a glance at: "You are good, the family is harmonious, posse is fond of gas. My home there, rot mud is not helped up all round namely on wall. Rot mud is not helped up all round namely on wall..

Congratulate listen wind asks: "Is your uncle to hold out know a thing or two? "Is your uncle to hold out know a thing or two??

"Does his know a thing or two have light what is used? Marry a wife Babbitt to do not have a bottom line again, aimed at my in the final analysis not to abandon consanguineous close affection this bedrock line.

"Oh. " congratulate listen wind answered.

"Say to look for you, xu Zijia, Xu Zilin those two trashy things, human affairs, purchase these two lucrative post to also can be done so that be in a complete mess. East force, suitable amounting to is the enterprise in the home, rely on them to have a meal does little supplier kiss them when emperor does Qi Lai offer the country? Can be scolded to get let loose a stream of abuse against sb almost everyday by general manager unexpectedly, said to should open them! Said to should open them!!

Xu Yifei is saying, developing He Tian: "What do you have to want to say with me? "What do you have to want to say with me??

He Tian drank a holothurian congee: "Without! "Without!!

"Manner of your this what? " fire of the humble that make Yi can'ts help rising greatly, "I make chatting to play then with your father, force is of your canal east, is arranging the general manager that amount to also you is what just send the past? Is arranging the general manager that amount to also you is what just send the past??

Congratulate day depressed tone not throat.

Xu Yifei is unable to bear or endure beat a table: "I hear of male those two, one wants to manage into agriculture, one should go to institute of Home Wen Xihuang, you give did. You won't do twice that implement watch uncle, again how laborious, you or cannot two shut, what also is breathed out without giving thought to. What also is breathed out without giving thought to..

He Tian eats a meal, brush brush the mouth: "Mom, your message has by accident, I did not help Luo Huadong manage into agriculture already, also go to royal institute without side collect Hua Na: Into agriculture department wants to take an examination, luo Huadong has done not have even written examination, the immortal also is not helped. Royal institute besides see extraction, should see result more, one is read quite only south Luo Hua second-class the school, the grandfather appears personally, royal also won't want him. Royal also won't want him..

Xu Yifei is betted to be there.

He Ningxi " Xi Xi " laugh: "I did not say. " take ladle to continue the bird's nest in dip bowl.

The back of hand of the humble that make Yi swung her: "Know to see my joke. "Know to see my joke..

The place that He Ningxi covers to be swung: "Very painful alas. "Very painful alas..

Xu Yifei exerts oneself to do sth. " hum " path: "Painful dead leave it at that. "Painful dead leave it at that..

He Tian stands up to go.

Song Shijun puts down a bowl hurriedly: "Pa, Mom, I eat. " said to He Ningxi rapidly again sentence, "You are used slow. "You are used slow..

Chase urgently, she bars in front of He Tian: "You are waited a moment. "You are waited a moment..

Congratulate day complexion is quiet: "How? "How??

"You say you how, arrive from yesterday today, don't have a word to want to say to me? Don't have a word to want to say to me??

Hetian laughed, soft track: "I should go to work now, what to have I must be gotten say, wait for me to time thinks well, come back to tell you again, good? Good??

"Be bad! " blast of fast hold back of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty, "I did not hear your word yesterday, go looking for Chu Zhengzhe, still went island of green coconut tree, hao Chen of Lin Xiao ease, Jiang and J country of the general defend in person have a competition. Occasion disorder gets a nuisance, my all saw with one's own eyes is witnessed, I very fear, also very regret! The thing that I know to I am done this egoistically is bad. The thing that I know to I am done this egoistically is bad..

She speaks out the word in the heart completely at a heat, the eye is wet, look up again look at He Tian: "You should scold me, be scolded with respect to firm firm ground! Be scolded with respect to firm firm ground!!

Xu Yifei sends He Ling wind to the doorway, brother's son of Zhang Yunting father's younger brother is driving a car severally, wait beside fountain pool.

Congratulate listen wind is very open-eyed, ask He Tian: "You is this how? Why should small skin of the bamboo cry? Why should small skin of the bamboo cry??

He Tiangang wants to explain, xu Yifei sneers insert come up: "Can how? You do not let her go out to work, not law-abiding, go out blind can. Go out blind can..

He Tian does not consider deliberately complicate an issue, busy say: "Mom, also not be you want in that way. " he says to congratulate listen wind: "Thing of it doesn't matter, small him skin of the bamboo is a bit frowsty just. Small him skin of the bamboo is a bit frowsty just..

He Ningxi is carrying packet on the back to shake: "Marry us the home comes disturbed cent, from morning till night is outer first, still like to tick off 3 build 4. Still like to tick off 3 build 4..

Congratulate day glare He Ningxi, approach lives Song Shijun: " good good, you did not think again, it is what thing is done not have originally, good? " call Lai Sangqi, "On the west outskirt new-blown equestrian field is right, the membership that I just bought gets stuck, you prepare, accompany little madam to experience after a while experience. " forcibly cuddle cuddle Song Shijun, say next: "Good, not angry. " loose Song Shijun, to He Ling wind says: "Pa, we go. We go..

A day plan depend on morning, congratulate listen wind also does not have time to grind Ji on domestic trivial matters.

Two father and son get He Jia into respective car, leave early or late.

Xu Yifei also does not want to be before lackey, continue to lose oneself the majesty of the first goodwife, twist a head to go back.

Remain Song Shijun and He Ningxi to confront each other only.

He Ningxi stretchs his hand suddenly, slap Song Shijun one palm.

"Bang! " , fragile ring again.

Lvshu and summerly aunt were stupefied, song Shijun also is covering cheek, be stupefied.

"What do you send again mad! " had answered a god to come, song Shijun is not controlled, howl.

He Ningxi spun face: "Do I go mad? Should be I ask you: Your hair what is mad? Why should look for elder brother of young wise man? Why to go abroad together with him? Does he still take the important person that you see exotic nation is marvelous? Who are you after all, actually dare so do! Actually dare so do!!

Her take everything into one's own hands lives Song Shijun: "Calculated elder brother of young wise man to remove with me now affiance, but he or my person, do not have your what thing forever. Be heard by me you use him to work for you again, I won't let off you absolutely! I won't let off you absolutely!!

Gas of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty gets haematemesis. He Ningxi also drives. She knows incorrect, want to go presumably take things too hard, still make the telephone call to Chu Zhengzhe: "Should you take Han Muyi and fierce glad to look for Han Zhen? "Should you take Han Muyi and fierce glad to look for Han Zhen??

"How do you know? "How do you know??

"You are firm yesterday aboard says, you meet those who be He Ningxi go through fire and water. Leave no stone unturned brings husband and wife of Han herd appropriate east city, do not strive for Han Zhen, come to a when surname Han to look for rising? " call stretch, rested to meet, she just asks, "You now where? "You now where??

Chu Zhengzhe did not reply immediately.

Song Shijun examines minutely: "Where be, you say rapidly! You say rapidly!!

"Do you want this time to wade really mix water? "Do you want this time to wade really mix water??

"Want to wade, must wade, do not wade, I by elegant built empty atmospheric pressure is dead. " Song Shijun gives out the big growl that folds sound.

Appeared in the phone silent, later, chu Zhengzhe just says: "Good, ning Chuan should go on my horse, you can be in half hour enter the mouth to high speed, I take you to go together. I take you to go together..

"Go what does Ning Chuan do? "Go what does Ning Chuan do??

"Of Xu Xiaoman be engaged shifted to an earlier date. "Of Xu Xiaoman be engaged shifted to an earlier date..

"Is your action so quick with respect to divulge a secret? "Is your action so quick with respect to divulge a secret??

"Early began, you feel is a secret just. " , chu Zhengzhe asks, "How, do not come? Do not come??

"Come! "Come!!

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