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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 2862 words, update at: 2019-07-08 20:07

This is He Ningxi's distress.

If be Song Shijun, face this kind of issue, between advance and retreat, proper limits for speech or action is taken certainly hold appropriate, and freely of advance and retreat. Calculate gold times, also won't mix oneself sincerity the sincerity of others is promiscuous not clear. Move when this skill, when ought not to moving with respect to this decisive let go.

Fortunately, often He Ningxi and Chen Ke 4 eye are opposite, when atmosphere begins to have an affair with, "Monitor " Qi Qing rain is not had soundlessly breath appear.

"Chen Zong... " appearance is common but temperament is most pure inside the Liu Yanrui with very moving smile and peak model beautiful Ou Xiaowei comes over hand in hand, smilingly greets sb to Chen Ke together. Have inland " small Yang Ying " the Liu Sha Sha that say and same water are tender namby-pamby Yan Wen of prescription alizarin red, Han together, after prep close behind learns elder sister, laughing at appellation " Chen Zong is good " , took a towel severally next, sit to relatively some further deck chair.

Acquired little younger sister people for them fruit, will fastfood take.

The Qing Yu that connect a surname inside, 6 instantly east city vogue encircles very red model an edge lay down, compare just be over there beach volleyball language of warbler song swallow is worn motion, another live scene gives birth to popular view to be revealed immediately. What lodge here is rich leisure, the man nature that romance has interest is not little. Not a little while, the man that become really interested comes up strike up a conversation. Ou Xiaowei and Liu Yanrui do not have interest to manage these nudnik, but, liu Sha Sha, prescription alizarin red and Han swallow article are the Qi Qing rain that envy can have a rich accurate husband very, see wealthy person will strike up a conversation oneself, evade two take motorboat, slippery water with those people.

Also somebody strikes up a conversation He Ningxi, but, do not drop in He Ningxi evade, when be being forced to take away, two husky man appears suddenly.

That dull the weapon that wants a younger sister immediately by two muscle male repaired on the beach before the face of a lot of people hit. After running away a bloody nose and a swollen facely, ou Xiaowei, Liu Yanrui a stare tongue-tied, to Qi Qing rain says: "Qing Yu, chen Zong at hand this congratulate young lady altogethers noisy together scarcely. " Ou Xiaowei is some more attentive, move close to Qi Qing rain, ask in a low voice: "Herself knows, arrive here after coming, can two so fierce bodyguard follow her? Can two so fierce bodyguard follow her??

A surname green rain has been fear from stunned change, do not have a law then control is intense and ireful rise.

He Ningxi did not add the cry in fear that conceal to show is, this girl a bit does not know to be beside oneself, the person that can have him protection exists. This kind of real genteel public figure need not struggle to be able to enjoy the protection of enjoyment meticulously, qing Yu allowing a surname makes the love that the animosity that ignores hard produces in the bottom of the heart.

She wants to rush forward at that time very much, grabbing the girl with that destiny him centuple feel well, unplug her hair light rips dress of her whole body again next sodden.

Nevertheless, just that strikes up a conversation He Ningxi's man gives her a serious warning. If go up at the moment the word of tussle He Ningxi, the muscle with those two general devils male regular meeting catchs him, resemble repairing next just that has bad luck male repair oneself face of earth of the head that get ash euqally.

Fortunately, before this the travel of Hainan decides, oneself had placed a plan with that belle general manager of nova public relations. Chen Ke and oneself had decided, the time that attends even the road inside, the travel altogether of this Hainan 5 days.

5 days, to the person in recreation, what to consider long really.

But, to the person that harbour intentions considers to do some of what thing, this time but really special and special long.

Think of here, the mood of a surname green rain immediately better. She is first very distain, answer Ou Xiaowei's word: "She knows, have what concern with me. " take next on the side the delicacy that a bottle of Chen Ke just bought to her extracts Liu Chen juice, bite into straw, drank a big. Wear sunglasses, the person lays down, sleep.

Ou Xiaowei and Liu Yanrui are right inspect, two average per capita feel accident unceasingly.

In the evening, the bar that Liu Sha Sha, prescription alizarin red and 3 boy friends that Han swallow article knows invite Chen Ke to go to big talk city all right plays. In bar, 6 model heat up dance to the top of one's bent in dance pool, the market that makes major waves deep knight dance strength, let full-court atmosphere boil for it. The boss of bar is returned for this special gave 3 big compote, express to be able to be today's performance to be hit on wine water to a few belles again fold.

After striving for a very low discount, a surname green rain wanted the wine water of 3 times to come over again immediately. Red, white, of Pi, someone else also stopped, she and Ou Xiaowei, Liu Yanrui all is staring at He Ningxi and gold times propose a toast. Gold times capacity for liquor is shallow, he Ningxi also not up to much, two girls are poured quickly by fill. How does Chen Ke bar trashy also, finally, gold times rot with He Ningxi one beach mud. Nature helps acquired little younger sister up not to move these two to be without consciousness " mud " , a surname green rain directs Liu Sha Sha is mixed on the new boy friend of prescription alizarin red.

Liu Sha Sha is apparent very not willing, nevertheless, prescription alizarin red very Qing Yu is afraid of a surname is in the force of peak, generosity gives the boy friend push, she also has to promise the requirement of Qi Qing rain naturally.

The melon seeds of boy friend head of prescription alizarin red is very clever, come on change immediately, give He Ningxi hold in the arms in the bosom.

And was allocated to hold gold in the arms that weapon of times is savage. Gold times although be female, but, weight can have 150 jins. Below pickled circumstance, an old man exhausts systemic effort gives her hold in the arms after rising, the waist immediately " creak " one noise. Next, like holding that her fellow in the arms to kill a hog, cry greatly rise.

Chen Ke runs to examine hastily, the about that that fellow anguish can'ts bear look, reckon is worn by gold times pressure get interverbebral disc amlposition, let little younger sister call an ambulance at once.

Hold gold in the arms that new boy friend that the responsibility of times falls in Han Yan Wen goes up personally. "New boy friend " have lessons drawn from others' mistakes, pulling Chen Ke to try hard together. Of the beware of in heart of a surname green rain have He Ningxi only one person, gold times although be female, even fatter than the sow however, in her heart, natural to Chen Ke compose does not become any attraction. Then, a surname great beauty agrees willingly.

Chen Ke and " new boy friend " join forces of be of one mind carries gold times, two old men, give young lady of dear gold fatso from bar get a car, arrive from the lane on the car again next in hotel room. Gold times after lying on the bed, want suddenly to spit again. A surname green rain and 5 model look on indifferently, acquired little younger sister people be afraid of dirty, also not be willing to come up. Sufferred from two men to be obliged personally go into battle, give a lot of care serves her painfully. Worked a hour, give arrange golden fat person at long last appropriate.

Gold times " breathe out breathe out " sleep greatly, chen Ke and " new boy friend " loosened to grow gas readily, carry the foot leaves.

Two people are busy dizzy, "New boy friend " also do not think what He Hanyan article has to contact again, answer him room simply. And Chen Ke also forgot a great wrong leakage, return the sweethearts apartment of He Qiqing rain. Wait for him " breathe out breathe out " sleep greatly the following day in the morning at 10 o'clock, abrupt, a thought rises, make him not self-conscious in sleep deeply sleep lightly. A surname green rain is in toilet dress and make up, chen Ke is wearing night clothes with respect to room of rush out of.

Come to the doorway between the mark that He Ningxi stays in times times with gold, chen Ke was sent mad knock euqally suddenly.

"Phut of phut of phut of phut phut phut... " impatient under of exert energetically, want to fall down door hammer almost.

A confused sound is transmitted from inside, then, the door opened. Sleep the gold of eye Xing Song times kneading an eye to appear in a crack between a door and its frame, a piece of fat face returns bloated move because of the cause of hangover.

Chen Ke also pays no attention to thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one go to inside enter.

Gold times did not hold off her, cry alarmedly immediately rise.

Chen Ke develops a room inside, think besides gold times besides, should see a piece of empty bed in the room. Result, the He Ningxi that just climbs is washing a face to stand in bedside to change clothes. Chen Ke runs, her underwear is dark buckle just buckled a half. He Ningxi is frightened procurable do not know how to be placed, "Chi is smooth " get into hastily by the nest.

This falls, the upper part of the body was worn solely almost. Although a quilt is being blocked, he Ningxi's face or Can are like alpenglow.

Gold times just also wear night clothes just, be in hastily cabinet child in took thick sleep gown is covered rise, next just courage walks along Chen Ke before, angrily rebuke: "Chen Zong, the room that this can be a girl alas, how can you ask to pay no attention to so rush into come? How can you ask to pay no attention to so rush into come??

Chen Ke decides in the shakily on the bed is He Ningxi as expected, this ability loosened at a heat.

Gold times horizontal stroke comes over, cut off him to look attentively at He Ningxi's line of sight, reach a hand next, aloud: "Get Out! "Get Out!!

Chen Ke be defeated and flee.

Between mark outside, the Leng Ran that Qing Yu was taking a surname to make up a half is in etc.

Chen Ke from mark in come out, slow don't go yet arrives before her. The tooth on a surname green rain is biting next lips to breath ceaselessly. After a few seconds, hand of raise of a surname green rain comes, heavy fan Chen Ke an a slap on the face!

Besides between mark inside, he Ningxi hands or feet has worn the dress rapidly. Gold the drowse bug of times runs completely, brush one's teeth wash a face, wear the dress next. Wearing the dress, times pairs of He Ningxi say gold: "You that Mr. Chen today how? One big early, I still think he wants to come in rape you. I still think he wants to come in rape you..

"Fasten bullshit. " the He Ningxi that taking eyebrow pencil to perfect camber is very grouchy path: "Is the family is made well-intentioned? "Is the family is made well-intentioned??

The slide fastener of times will hot pants has drawn gold, collect comes over to cry: "Well-intentioned, one old early in the morning bumps broken you are nake wear underwear, do this applaud meaning? " the high-ranked imperial concubine that one buttock takes by He Ningxi on couch, shout then: "There is him to just had better be awaited in those days in your heart attack, lifted your quilt, kiss you next, feel you, again ah oh ah oh that, you is ability happy and satisfactory? You is ability happy and satisfactory??

The body that one face shock relies on her closer more pushs He Ningxi aside.

Gold times still be in twitch one's mouth is sarcastic: "Say him what learns to love a person eventually, night kongfu just, became falsehood completely, oneself forget. Oneself forget..

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