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011 东莞桑拿推油meddlesome one after another come

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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 8206 words, update at: 2016-12-11 13:31

Want to make the special report of Su Ming Yue, most the practice of on the up-and-up is agent Miss Fang Hongmei that contacts her of course. However, those who regard Su Ming as Yue is exclusive economic person, the position of Su Ming Yue drives the position of square young lady directly. Xu Yifei made 50 telephone calls one after another, answer by the assistant of square young lady without one exception answer: "I am sorry, square young lady is very busy, time gives you answer again. Time gives you answer again..

Phone contact won'ts do, make noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of tea of Yi humble go to school, taking interview a bag, wait to entrance of Lang Lun company. One day does not wait, wait two days, two days do not wait, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, crouch every day defend. The 6th day at long last when, the baby-sitter car of Su Ming Yue, of the letter on plate number and number arrange, those crouch the vermicelli made from bean starch that defend to want to be familiar with than Su Ming him Yue. The car arrives, fan younger sister, confuse younger brother people most rush forward first, make Yi Fei be overjoyed, after close therewith. The result calls a person dismay, because never had tried to chase after a star, xu Yifei age, physical strength, skill all does not prevail, prevent to squeezing oneself abdomen, person one concentrated, she returns a can active backtrack. This time, she did not see even the sign of Su Ming Yue, hear only mad the shriek with same excited vermicelli made from bean starch and call out.

However, even if such, before Sha Li, military orders shape has stood below; In Mu Shigang there, want to strive for the opportunity that the husband goes back, earn smoothly below oneself are alive female group this some position, do not go all out, neither goes!

Since the road below sunshine goes,be illogical, she must be changed path.

The dot opens two news that Sha Li once had watched to her: "Su Ming Yue Suyan shops, facial features exceeds the United States, body appearance gracefuls " and " Yue husband follows Su Ming to carry a bag all right, belt of whole journey of tall cold husband laughs at goddess " -- these two news are same actually a thing, xu Yifei wants to search, it is that supermarket that appears in two news.

What empty delimits is video it is not quite clear to look, through filtering, the method such as clear processing, still show big character of 3 heavy good finally. "Blessing, happy, much! " one by one of the humble that make Yi reads aloud, return search page, begin to concern " Fuleduo supermarket " whole town search.

Su Ming Yue body home does not poor nowadays, light is east city a city, have house of good few points. Before long before Song Jiasen of her element Yan He's husband rambles together, be the Fuleduo of crossroad of embroider water street.

Over there embroider water market, best village makes samite garden. Cover an area of very big, but altogether developed 6 small high levels. The about this village data on the webpage is very little, the before be being developed namely idea that shows exclusively pursues, greenery of the appearance inside the village that shows above is shady, flower becomes a group, booth stage pavilion is strewn at random have send, little bridge running water is perforative everywhere. Very beautiful, more important is, enough illicit is close! Su Ming Yue lives recently the possibility that be here is very large.

Lock up the abode of Ding Suming Yue, xu Yifei waits. Held to in order to exceed stubborn perseverance full a month, whenever,be discovered by her eventually of double week on the weekend in the evening, su Ming Yue drives personally surely surely of her individual drive, come out from inside Xiaoou.

Of Su Ming Yue driving is a brand-new pink BMW M6, plate number east D12L09. By right of in the life all previous practice comes out the touch of acumen, xu Yifei always feels among this number implicit what. Through much square inquiry, her break understands like that.

Be a double week on the weekend, she stands in mouth of samite garden gate, open double arm, successful intercept arrives to open the car brand that come out to be from the parking lot below gate inland east the BMW M6 of D12L09. Was pressed several times horn, also did not allow an outlet. There is the Su Ming Yue of a pair of big sunglasses on the face, from head of the smell in the car, anger ask: "You who ah, bar intentionally my car? Bar intentionally my car??

Xu Yifei receives arm of turn around and stretch out one's hand, hold a head high, come to the outside of the cab of her car: "12L09, ms. Yue is in Su Ming so old hind, still hold to certain man sincerity to love his only all the time such fact? Still hold to certain man sincerity to love his only all the time such fact??

Sunglasses by decisive pick, after the mouth that maintain a circle, the double eye that dew of Su Ming Yue comes out also is astonished cram.

"You -- "

"I call Xuyifei, the editor of decorous magazine company. My leave no stone unturned wants to see you, prepare to do the thing of your special interview about decorous magazine for the sake of talking with you.

Breath is urgent, look of Su Ming Yue shinings: "I ask you, what meaning is that word that you a moment ago said to me? What meaning is that word that you a moment ago said to me??

"12L09? " Xuyifei places neither haughty nor humble attitude, "12 it is the about month number in my husband birthday, will Ms. Su be September? In 12L09 ' L ' namely ' Love ' . 12L09, it is my husband He Ling wind still is loving Ms. Su you. It is my husband He Ling wind still is loving Ms. Su you..

That piece of unique beauty that years of all previous classics is without vicissitudes of life colour be like snow ground ghastly, lip of Su Ming Yue is acuteness close and open: "You! Are you the wife of congratulate listen wind?

After ten minutes, they sit in together get the garden that jumps over meeting place between the bag in, su Ming Yue does his utmost to depress all-out surging thoughts or emotions, ask in a low voice: "So long, he... how to pass? He... how to pass??

"Be bad! " Xuyifei from the thing that come hears over there Mu Shigang completely teem comes, "Be cast by successful wind discharge, complicity peace and tranquility is sure to close down. All adversity become of he ases if on individual body. He was banned inside course of study, an any meetings use essence of life to calculate the enterprise of division, his close the door on. his close the door on..

"Why? " after love bury is so old in the heart, breed goes can be more dark only miss, su Ming Yue hears these, very aching, "He is so kind-hearted, so outstanding, ought not to encounter these. Ought not to encounter these..

"The fact encountered namely! " Xuyifei is very sober, the look is like water.

Silent, after moment, the eye with more attractive instead years of classics of that double all previous opposite side, be bespread by light of a water gradually.

Think of the current situation of the congratulate listen wind that sees before, su Ming Yue can'ts help canthus ooze gives water. Do not think see through of humble of the Yi that be made is too much, su Ming Yue pulled towel of a piece of paper rapidly, assist drops tear. Sucked a tone: "I want to help him very much really, it is OK also to help you. It is OK also to help you..

None ambiguous, xu Yifei sends one paper contract in Su Ming Yue before: "This is the plan of place of decorous magazine company that I am in for me a whole set, I want to reveal you to others from each angle in the life heavily unbeknown little secret. You are at ease, won't appear absolutely such as ' hold in both hands in fact red your gold advocate who be after all ' such lacy news, also won't any word pulls the Eight Diagrams between you and listen wind. " correct sitting position, wear the smiling face of formulation, "My husband and I am together 7 years, is he what kind of, I know than anybody. " , "If you promise me, I can get a better platform on the magazine so. Editorial salary exceeds edition of style of decorous magazine company far other edition, if do your interview only, I can be moved to fashionable edition only just, but, if this a series of you can agree with me to be done, I think, I can depend on such outstanding achievement, win the seat of fashionable edition chief editor. How, ms. Su, is the autograph made an appointment with? Is the autograph made an appointment with??

Su Ming Yue seems to was pared give the soul, be without resistance to face her.

Xu Yifei this name, if be heard before 7 years, she is taking small knife to commit suicide certainly, also cannot let congratulate listen wind be grabbed to go by this woman. But, 7 years past, the lawful wife that Xu Yifei just is congratulate listen wind, return between Xu Yifei and congratulate listen wind much a son, call He Tian. Abrupt lie across gives topping mountain between she and congratulate listen wind.

Be oneself grow badly?

Be still end at oneself honest too outstanding?

Want to go presumably, su Ming Yue still mouth sighed finally only. She has bought contract, browse each other simply to need abidance content, over there sign in need " brush brush brush " oneself full name on the autograph.

After a week, congratulate listen wind sees the first story about Su Ming Yue on Xuyifei's computer.

Computer so putting, hall and of emperor. Xu Yifei takes yoghurt from the kitchen, see congratulate listen wind from the attitude that faces computer screen, turn to face her. That eyes, never had had, mixing stunned angrily, indissoluble in the center still have inhospitality.

Cap wants to be opened after all, see from the magazine with its where day whole set reports, oppugn her to be in next decorous taking success, when be inferior to stepping the first pace in oneself, put the fact before him entirely.

However, even if has made all preparation, she still does not have expect a fact.

That is, all along has a few kinds of face only before her -- gentle, clement, modest, indifferent to fame or benefit -- such He Ling wind, also can become so terrible actually!

New sense, it is to make the feeling that all love associate fears.

Xu Yifei puts down yoghurt, go pulling the hand of congratulate listen wind: "Listen wind! " hold back sturdily, decisive keep apart her. Xu Yifei seeks back of congratulate listen wind: "This is forced. This interview needs on the magazine, I am not done, someone else also can be done. Let someone else do with its, take as me. Had done this interview, I can enter fashionable edition, received result is good, I still perhaps can become the editor in chief of fashionable edition. I still perhaps can become the editor in chief of fashionable edition..

"Why? " turn aside of congratulate listen wind.

"What why? " Xuyifei thinks, suddenly, "Why must I strive for such opportunity? Listen wind, you are already washed-up, a month 18 thousand money, only enough young season will go up the tuition of Yo China half an year. Young season takes even, wear even, we go out to travel even. Smooth so how is dot money enough? Smooth so how is dot money enough??

"It is OK that I had said I need flat life only! "It is OK that I had said I need flat life only!!

"Insipid, insipid! " such word stimulates Xuyifei, suddenly, she rises with respect to fit, "Why should often wear these two words in the top of head of our family? Do I work hard hard what to fault there is? Even if is gouge your before cummer, the influence that lending you lets her agree with an autograph to give me one whole series, because I want,that also is for whole home consider. " pull congratulate listen wind to death to death, she of goggle at eye is a little hysterical, "You wake wake, the life with flat what, put an end to you while, return meeting put an end to we are whole. I stopped, how does young season do? our son should be in you are obstinate this ' insipid ' in, forever are in 3 lis of bridges 6 alley buried go down? My not reconciled to, my not reconciled to, do you know not to know? Do you know not to know??

"Not reconciled to, we are apart. We are apart..

"What do you say? "What do you say??

"You had not said a lot of times, I always am so if ready washs a car to others, should we part? Apart that now! Apart that now!!

"Congratulate listen wind! " Xuyifei is guilty.

Congratulate listen wind is very sharp however: "The method is different do not be seek, I and you are together 7 years, should face you everyday pursuit is costly, pursuit enjoyment, pursuit is endless I do not like, the desire of those things that abhor almost, I am enough, I do not want to be borne again! I do not want to be borne again!!

"Congratulate listen wind -- " Xu Yifei gnash, abrupt a sudden big stride forward rushs, stall him forcibly, "The woman on this world, which either such? You at the outset if married Su Ming Yue, different now want to face? More costly, more pursuit enjoyment. " take out one part to print draft from the room, tremble before congratulate listen wind, "Yourself looks, her be my enumerate solely cosmetic has about a hundred kinds, avery kind of does not calculate under 2000 yuan, you must have how old psychology to bear ability, ability is borne and such female life is together alive. Ability is borne and such female life is together alive..

Congratulate listen wind sneers: "That is her the effort that depends on oneself is obtained. "That is her the effort that depends on oneself is obtained..

Xu Yifei is wrapped up head bang like one hammer: "It is me trashy, so you ability is so self-abased, live together with me only? Live together with me only??

"Be! " congratulate listen wind is evaded none, speak bluntly: "Because tea tender tea leaves is too dazzing,be at the outset, I and she is together, can bring disaster to her only, or be a burden on she, so I and she parts company. You criterion otherwise, ordinary, common, also do not have what thing to be able to cause the attention of someone else, so I just am accepted and you marry, parturient! So I just am accepted and you marry, parturient!!

10 thousand knives are inserted in wind same, xu Yifei is enraged so that brothers chaos quivers.

Had confronted each other a little while each other, xu Yifei covers suddenly abdomen. This ability reason answers congratulate listen wind mew, help her up hurriedly.

"You boil! " Xu Yifei gnash. Use systemic effort, she pushs congratulate listen wind it is beyond several feet, halberd points to clapperclaw: "Be Yue of a Su Ming? I do not know at the outset you love so that have many after all deep, parted company you how painful. But congratulate listen wind, you want to remember, be in with you 3 lis of bridges nest of this big miscellaneous courtyard 7 years, it is me! " look at the first draft that print, hold back bent the resentment of good a period of time to break out together. She goes mad to rip the picture of Yue of the Su Ming on first draft euqally, rip so that smash, throw on the ground to take a foot to walk again finally. Walk, acuteness fluctuant mood makes breath very loud and jarring, shoulder one alarm one alarm, the edge pants to say by the side of her: "I just am east this land accompanies the city your farthest that individual! We have a family, son, here -- " stroking belly, "There still is the 2nd child of wind of your congratulate listen here. Theory unconscionable, be afraid of male seniority of whole world broken bits only, you should be discharged advanced 3. Good, in your heart, since that all women before these had not touched 7 years bring your regret, although you part company with me! You do not have the least bit deposit originally, the son is me, this is about to want unripe child, also be me, you boil, you boil directly! " gas hurts a body greatly, pursy brows calls her suddenly ache.

The cowardly of congratulate day cowardly of a pair of long deep blue eyeball stands in the doorway: "Father, are you quarrelling with mom? Are you quarrelling with mom??

Congratulate listen wind immediately compunctious rise, hold a son in the arms, say to Xuyifei again: "I am wrong, I am completely wrong, be still no good? " put down a son, will hold Xuyifei in the arms: "How? Ache very badly? Do we go to otherwise hospital? Do we go to otherwise hospital??

Xu Yifei does not have good energy of life to open his one foot kick: "Go your goddess there fawn goes, I do not have you this husband, since today, I am a widow! I am a widow!!

Congratulate listen wind is gotten to fire also breaks out by choke must not, be forced to say: "You are occupied work, I go selling order dishes, come back to cook dinner to you and son. Come back to cook dinner to you and son..

In the evening, specially of the humble that make Yi is driving computer. For interview of this first phase special in filmed photograph, the Su Ming Yue below flower is picking up if think of,look of a cup of tea stops.

Compare with her what at that time meets first, at that time Su Ming Yue is calm a lot of, canthus tip of the brow more it is of short duration leaves the languid after hubbub lazy. Beautiful the labial part that devotes beauty, if if not have,a bit smile has, body reveals perfect wife some this connotation administrative levels. You can say she is perceptual, but meanwhile, also do not have a law to decide she is very rational still perhaps. She falls to one second can beautiful to you and laugh probably, that laughs, congratulate listen wind is most familiar, bright and beautiful, spring flower also is met blank; But, probably, distressed meeting emerge in large numbers is on the face with this bend unique city. She is OK still and light look at you, let you come up against the cold gelid of all ages, appear in the heart cool...

Congratulate listen wind cannot bear look more again, go by, box up computer directly.

Xu Yifei says: "Was careful to throw my thing. "Was careful to throw my thing..

Congratulate listen wind is unassailable: "Listen to me to say to talk first. " breathed out slowly tone, be in the depression the anguish of mind is temporary commentate go, calm says: "Why must part company with Su Ming Yue, real reason is not me completely say afternoon in that way. Original, I had forgotten those things entirely, but now, I think, do not say to also be no good. Without giving thought to later you can understand me, admit me again, I must make you clear, I am a what kind of person after all, be faced with previously, still perhaps can encounter later, it is a what kind of situation after all. It is a what kind of situation after all..

"You know I am Wen Xiguo's person solely, but, I have cry ' Mu Shigang ' father. Mu Shigang is in economic position of Wen Xiguo, be similar to this locality a millionaire -- Shen Da is solid. Be similar to this locality a millionaire -- Shen Da is solid..

Xu Yifei is early know these, at that time, she shows intentionally open-eyed: "Have such thing actually! "Have such thing actually!!

"Normally for, I should be mixed Shen Da's solid son Shen Mohui is same, have very blazing life, but, shen Mohui is Shen Da is solid after all alone child, and I, however two elder brothers a little brother. Among them an elder brother and that little brother it doesn't matter, the key depends on my eldest brother. The key depends on my eldest brother..

That is having a woman the euqally good-looking palm, man that likes black cat very much again, press on his head honest too long. Congratulate listen wind is carried, the heart cannot help shaking, eye ache slightly: "My father has 4 children, the old calls Mu Jiwei, the second calls Mu Jiliang, I am old 3, I follow the maternal last name of myself, I call He Ling wind, old city of 4 afterwards calling wash one's hair. From the back two fine silk fabrics Ku that are a model, dandy this some those characteristics, their everything needed is ready. But, I Wei of afterwards of wash one's hair of that eldest brother, he too extraordinary. His intelligence quotient is as high as 210, two years old of know how to read, 4 years old calculate a problem, 7 years old obtain Wen Xiguo to send maths newly abstruse contest first prize, also accordingly, so deep that my father likes. Cent of freeboard of complete full marks of 13 years old of his science department, liberal art takes an examination of Home Wen Xihuang central institute, 16 years old obtain international division academia to pay close attention to, subsequently, he is own the weapon of research and development lets Wen Xiguo strike back greatest victory is gained in battle in defend oneself, accordingly, royal abnormality grants his duke the rank of nobility. Of the second year in high school on me that year, he has been the chairman that science of institute of Home Wen Xihuang learns, soon, international scientist association recruits him to do this continent director, article stannum royal family gives his life his palace armed escort is not fancy direct to counterpoise. Article stannum royal family gives his life his palace armed escort is not fancy direct to counterpoise..

"The personal details of good, good dreariness! " Xuyifei never has listened a person is so fierce, can't help aphonia exclaim.

"He researchs a weapon, not only it is particularly good that Wen Xijun just concerns with him, the army of exotic nation wants to win his patent, military important official even **** , can try and his associate with. Meanwhile, on the road the person also has want to do well with him of the relation, for instance the Tian Ou inside Wen Xiguo. For instance the Tian Ou inside Wen Xiguo..

Xu Yifei does not understand, interrogative path: "What is that? "What is that??

"Apparently, it is He Shikun's paratactic big group. In one's heart, the group masters the black path power with enormous potent on the hand of chairman Ou Chi. I am when article stannum, once ask advice passes. Because my mother causes my father and affection of first wife madam to crack, be with all the time since under the animosity that I am in my eldest brother. Spoken parts in an opera, to avoid disaster, and attend school, I just come to here. 89 years ago, the menace of the killer party that Tie Long, violet La Dou is come to by Cong Wenxi. At that time of Su Ming Yue is my girlfriend, to retaliate my father in the dark in an attempt to of Su Ming Yue draws guide and support secondhand rise me, my eldest brother still compels I and Su Ming Yue to part company with the method that mauls Su Ming Yue. My eldest brother still compels I and Su Ming Yue to part company with the method that mauls Su Ming Yue..

Yue of the Su Ming 7 years ago is spearmanned to make a surprise attack in lucky man astonish recreation to encircle, xu Yifei knows of course. Public opinion is heavy at that time nevertheless, those who what say have. Neither one person has this thing to the strife openly and secretly of super rich and powerful family. Buy home of world female wash one's hair exclusively at that time, the gold that holds Su Ming Yue in both hands about the behind the curtain namely advocate. The rumor ceases later, nobody allude, at the moment of the humble that make Yi can'ts help filled with apprehension: "Be your father as expected? And the reason that suffers pop, also go up in your body really? Also go up in your body really??

In bewilderment, clever Xuyifei also fumbles what: Huge fame and gain, terrible report of a gun, the life with rich financial capacity female chairman, intelligence quotient the ducal Mu Jiwei with 210 cranky however and terrible disposition, these are interweaving slowly, turn her into head apical dark clouds.

Like making Yi Fei come loose suddenly to wear all over, very straight sitting position becomes loose break down. "Listen wind -- " terrified and errant eyes shoot a glance at Xiang Heling wind.

"So, if want smooth and steady, your it may not be a bad idea, my it may not be a bad idea, still have our child, I suggest you do not make the special report of Su Ming Yue. I suggest you do not make the special report of Su Ming Yue..

"But, I and chief editor had agreed. Do not go fashionable edition, do little younger sister in life edition forever. It is not easy also today that I arrive hard, competition is so strong inside the company, I am infiltrated forever limbo, how should I spend this time after? How should I spend this time after??

Become silent a long time, congratulate listen wind just gently: "I am sorry, luxuriant and beautiful. " the destiny turns round the Bei sorrowful under hard, let him do not have a law not desolate. That year, his safety for Su Ming Yue, do not have a law not to leave his most beloved girl. Today, same argument, he should let again and him share happiness and woe wife of 7 years continues be put into trouble.

"If must cast off all these, " he falls decide a determination, look up to say to her, "You also leave me. Taking deposit, days small, still have the child that we were not born. Over there Su Ming Yue, I can entreat her. Besides her special interview, recreational group, want her to be able to be gotten only, you want to make whose special report, with respect to the special report that who can make. Come so, you can rise the chief editor of fashionable edition very quickly. Yearly salary will be very much, that appearance, young season wants to go up which school, you are OK hall and of emperor let him go up which school. The child that we did not come to, you should push him to how a height, want ability to allow only, go -- should leave me only! Go -- should leave me only!!

Xu Yifei cried immediately. Hold him in arms, the edge cries to say by the side of Xu Yifei: "You this fool, really in that way, what sense do everything still have? What sense do everything still have??

Congratulate listen wind also comes to tears: "I fear really one day, those adversity can become of on your head. You do not understand me that eldest brother, my Mom gives birth to a child why to die in a world of ice and snow, also he does that. He is too clever, nowadays force honest too big, my father how not he, can helplessly look is worn he is more and more doughty. Be together with me, you should get after all embroil, he perhaps can let you suffer the death penalty, then I arrive moment, true meeting is overwhelmed with sorrow. True meeting is overwhelmed with sorrow..

"I am not afraid of! " the shoulder that leaves him, xu Yifei wipes tear forcibly, "I am not afraid of, listen wind! It is here east city, not be Wen Xi! The hand that I do not believe him can be extended so far. Alarming, after I became editor in chief, the child that does not let me that prospectus raise. We put money entirely rise, little show off, little expenditure. Little expenditure..

Also cannot abandon the Xuyifei of pursuit anyhow, use after 3 days " Yi Fei dirt " pseudonym ascended the first about interview of Su Ming Yue.

Print has this one implied meaning " decorous " be bought by Beck, put on the desk that emerald palace president includes, mu Shigang is leafed through line by line. Poor to making Yi the style of writing of this height daughter-in-law, mu Shigang is very admiring. Be worthy of is the student that liberal art class graduates, unity and coherence in writing is clear and coherent, flowery language elegant, between the lines those small feelings, very right the appetite of urban white-collars.

Mu Shigang's familiar city small white-collar is not much, the mother of congratulate listen wind is a the brightest that. As days elapse, that age is snatched by snow of article stannum wind gently the girl of life, distinctive facial features still calculates in memory, become ambiguous already.

The young thinks carefully, should become with manage of wind of son congratulate listen about be exactly like, his memory is the deepest, ask He Xiaohui to drink linsang coffee for the first time, to this top class coffee, he Xiaohui is unfamiliar also, unaccustomed. Just, her resign oneself to adversity, from the feeling that won't stress oneself. This, ten split phase resemble the Yue of this Su Ming that likes most with listen wind.

Close a magazine, mu Shigang says to Beck: "Tell explain gentleman, well put sb in a very important position cries this ' Yi Fei dirt ' person. Well put sb in a very important position cries this ' Yi Fei dirt ' person..

Sha Li abides by a promise, transfer into Xuyifei fashionable edition. After half month, about Su Ming the interview of Yue is ascended the 2nd, stimulated at a draught " decorous " sales volume. Monthly magazine is ranked, " decorous " reside a list of names posted up of Hua Dong area high head, before countrywide area also is rushed into 3. Culture company is belonged to to decide on " decorous " won't be removed, appoint Xuyifei to be the transfer order of fashionable edition chief editor even, headquarters personally transfer to a lower level. When the Sha Li chief editor that was crossed announces this news, elaborate and painted the eyes in the eye that cross is very complex.

The person with a few more sensitive in every case, nose among them blazing breath.

The special interview of Su Ming Yue still is in roll out, successional 4 period later, place in a certain position one piece is in after the article considerably photograph, show the interview content that next first phase articles will publish fully.

The person on this photograph calls Meng Guojiang, 31 years old, lone, archer. In bound of movie and TV, if say all of Su Ming Yue led the half of country of female star, so male star of that half get military thing, it is him! With the Su Ming that has married 8 years Yue comparing rises, can arise on love bigger the king of day of the first month that discuss, apparent more have topic sex. Such special interview, do not detonate sales volume to be done not have simply providential.

Be like a god to aid like make chief editor, step decorous when, dress makeup allows gas field, and different before. The Xuyifei previously, a too angry sweet Neon nears, can wear next year from this year, end next year, again the year after next of fight in some places one by one. Now, every climate packs beautiful euqally beautiful new clothes. A sweet Neon nears today, will change Cheng Fan to hope to multitude necessarily tomorrow. Because the new clothes that an Oman amounts to was weighed with Sha Li, come over with paper in bags immediately the following day, send the little younger sister of responsible composing. Contest beautiful jade is made the same score gracefully with the shoe, differ design annulus is worn wear. Full a month, without one double appearance.

Have the staff make talk that hnow through and through: "Is she the old city alley that lives in bright song area child in? So much clothes, so much shoe, that big miscellaneous courtyard that her husband hires, toward where to put? Toward where to put??

Can not be in charge of past where to put, the 2nd month came, new fashionable dress show continues to spread out.

This day, rise early weather is a bit cool. After the short sleeve shirt that wears the good cruel that consider wise man and Ha Lun trousers, before Beikedi is being taken out in the pocket that Xu Yifei brings back from yesterday again, give her treasure Li business suit, cover outside. Sai Linna is smooth with the shoe today is black. Cong Heling takes past the appointed time before wind, congratulate listen wind resembles seeing an extraterrestrial that is without a relation.

"Alas -- " he calls her.

Make Yi humble face round, the calm agrees: "How? "How??

The word develops mouth side, swallow again, become groan, thereafter, congratulate listen wind just says: "Notice the body. 3 months had not arrived, darling is not smooth and steady. Darling is not smooth and steady..

Charm of the humble that make Yi laughs, hold one's head high leave.

To magazine company, take the office, the orange Aisaima that just gave this one season newly puts desk, electrograph rang. By receive, one buttock takes Xu Yifei on wide seat, waiting for a file to be hit from electrograph.

Thinking can be the newest program of king of day of the first month, it is culture of a Great Wall however unexpectedly the allotted announcement that travels about rewarding subordinate company high level to leave the country. Those who go is green amount to an island, the place of sulfur country. Need not visa, take this passport to be able to embark on a journey at any time. East city non-stop flight to the distance of 5 hours, a bit far to pregnant woman. Nevertheless, the company was belonged to to arrange first-class stateroom cabin on, this let Xu Yifei feel particularly close.

Prevent to make mistake, she calls go going up the office that belongs to a company. Demand the result of card, this announcement is absolutely true. Xu Yifei wants to ask Sha Li again, it is this go on a journey, chief editor and other edition piece the editor attends entirely. The phone is taken in one's hand, she is put down again. Can accomplish fashionable edition chief editor smoothly, mix again on belong to culture company concern to conclude so closely, the tiring-room of backside goes to Xu Yifei formidably nowadays what degree, besides him Xu Yifei, inside decorous magazine company, did not have a person to know again.

Rare goosefoot, Oman amounts to sweet Neon near, Buddhist... the luxury that these expensive price do not weigh appearance again, it is Mu Shigang special arrangement, give those who give her this height son's wife. Multiply first-class stateroom cabin, live exceed 5 stars guesthouse, lie on private beach to enjoy sea breeze... the welfare that these average employee do not enjoy at all, say be company award subordinate, be inferior to saying is gentleman of wash one's hair this good husband's father, pass the hand of Great Wall culture, offer her secondhand of this height daughter-in-law, more reasonable!

such, cross look a little while everybody's reaction knows. Inside today, caper cheers in the clearance that working without anybody, these, it is her certainly of a person enjoy only.

And newest program arranges the Meng Guojiang that transmits subsequently, more those who let Xu Yifei feeling be concealed at strong power of world of backside wash one's hair is powerful.

Arrangement of Great Wall culture goes green the day that amount to is this month 10 go to 16.

And 11 this day, strong just right of state of the first month is in green amount to an island to pat conduct propaganda piece. The special interview is put in it is OK to be done 11 night, 12 go to 15, gross between 4 climate, can use entirely regard as after the job recreational.

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