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The 2nd chapter is not trying lens is to fight pre东莞最新高

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" always numerous star is in the sky " song of Lin Zui plum / , this chapter in all 3128 words, update at: 2019-09-02 17:00

Hanged a phone, di Yinuo continues to brush small gain, exited the small gain that concerns with her, see laugh Duan Zi ramblingly, be like even of course assist treasure, look more, popular recommending also is mostly about Xiao Yi treasure, conveniently dot scored a small gain about Xiao Yi treasure, shallow blue stripe is built inside cardigan white, blue-black bull-puncher 8 minutes of pants, a pair of small white shoes, treasure loosens the Xiao Yi below camera lens extremely, resemble a carefree early youth, years is static good, smile still, such Xiao Yi treasure in the life always is a pair of honest not close-lipped, the about of clean-fingered Yan Xiao, in that way Xiao Yi treasure seems to be in only in one's childhood the seaside has seen, below the shine upon of the setting sun and sea, the teenager is picturesque, cannot help transmit, add civil: This life gets this boy man, without regret! Carried a piece of picture from inside again, to Xiao Yi treasure sent a small letter ' too long did not see, you handsome! ' a praise, the likelihood is hold together a kind of method of two individual relations, di Yinuo is very happy with it every time the chatting record before breaking up, looking to resemble is Di Yinuo in the solilo-quize, the reply of the other side is very few, some moment sent a the other side to reply, some moment send 10 the other side to do not have activity, but treasure of final Xiao Yi or meeting answer her, occasionally several days went, di Yinuo forgot he has him to had sent a message, the other side replied however. Xiao Yi treasure all the time very busy, and he has two small letters, private with the government, his mobile phone often is hanged on official date, meeting switch returns gift when the time that rests only is long private, private number is very quiet, look for him to depend on Nuo besides surname without the person. Di Yinuo also was used to the mode of Xiao Yi treasure, also do not have plan the other side to be able to reply immediately, what is more,the rather that what oneself send at ordinary times still is a few nonnutritively thing, what you are very handsome! Acting blast is cracked! Your performance in the film is very excellent! I still like some word of such-and-such and so on that you perform. Expected, xiao Yi treasure did not reply as expected she, after a hour, surname depends on Nuo to answer via forgetting oneself a moment ago behavior, the accident response that got Xiao Yi treasure ' thank beautiful woman is a mind which perceives both past and future knowledge bead! ' Di Yinuo is pressing a dialog box, considered a long time should what does farewell nod, him discovery wants to say with him without what at all, go up in the pillow directly ' calculated, sleep! '

Indeed the wallop that underestimated idol play to depend on Nuo to surname, after closing a mobile phone, di Yinuo tosses about on the bed sleep to be not worn, have one's mind stuffed with is the ashamed picture of all sorts of idol play, all sorts of kisses all sorts of hugs, finally is the number that count a sheep tired just be asleep, know like pupil oneself want to go tomorrow morning spring outing, sleep excitedly in the evening to be not worn, still can rise by day one big early, di Yinuo came to a company early, on the clever sofa that sits in anteroom, waiting for Yue Xiao's arrival. Just as one would expect, the message that carrying a play staff to invite comes Yue Xiao, yue Xiao looks at Di Yinuo's too calm expression ' according to Nuo, what to happen really between you and old boss? ' helped yesterday rich attention, the play sends today come, yue Xiao always feels this thing is done not have so simple. ' elder sister, you put 180 hearts, it is normal that we concern, nonexistent live together, nonexistent part company, those contracts that also say without you concern, since anyhow has a play to send that us catch, what does that drama call the name? ' Yue Xiao is carrying Di Yinuo to sit to sofa, the shoulder that still securing Di Yinuo with both hands ' Zhou Haining is directed, it is step by step win ' high mountain dawn feels he used very great strength to just press Di Yinuo apparently, but the mouth that still does not block little girl up, the lets her ear film with big voice is a little vibratile, ' of Mu Qiao that! ! ' Yue Xiao nods ' be that author that you like ' Mu Qiao's novel is all along popular, should be step by step win already be over, was bought by company of a movie and TV, but did not come out all the time the message that should send teleplay, yue Xiao also did not think of to want to pat teleplay to win step by step, and director or Zhou Haining, zhou Haining's group is inside course of study those who gave a name is outstanding, it is classical that writing of every movie and TV says to go up absolutely. All along is in only ancient costume drama, domestic drama the sort of drama sees the director is Zhou Haining, did not think of Zhou Haining can with idol play link up with, direct also prepare transition?

It is Di Yinuo and Zhou Haining again never cooperate, because did not come out,week sea should take sport rather, so Yue Xiao also did not seek cooperation, did not think of active hair came to the other side to invite however, still be to try lens daughter, although be only,one invites, also be a kind of acting however approbate. If surname depends on Nuo to be able to go out,perform this teleplay, absolutely meeting is further upward, say to direct and make a group not simply, complete Di Yinuo also meets the book pink by this teleplay to be known by more person. This opportunity, yue Xiao need not be guessed knowing is the string that old boss amid pulls, cannot think of really, restrict the old boss that takes sport all the time, can give them so high grade resource. The Di Yinuo that Yue Xiao touchs what be enmeshed in him world with elbow ' size elder sister, still should try play, it is not certain still to can act '

Di Yinuo twitch one's mouth ' I know! ' if remembering him brother says, ignition small flame goes out gradually, present some extremes, it is have a skyrocketing rise at the same time, it is to leave at the same time recreational group, appear or leave leave recreational group is closer ' high mountain elder sister, take the advantage of these days rest, I am consolidating my acting! ' these days Di Yinuo answered Jing Xinyuan, appear give an insular state, get up have a meal go attending class, come home, the knowledge that consolidates place learns today, sleep, as if returned the university entrance exam that year, everyday toward 5 evening 9.

Arrived very quickly to try the time of play, di Yinuo moved him again oneself apartment, that day early went to a company, tong Yuexiao went the play staff tries play, the Di Yinuo little some on the car is quiet, it is true that Yue Xiao knows this surname depends on Nuo think up perform this teleplay, at ordinary times all along of Di Yinuo trying lens is sure, also be light light Song Song every time, it is this to fear apparently.

' according to Nuo, do not have a thing, cannot cross us to still can take other theatrical work! ' Yue Xiao wants Rangdiyinuo to put namely now relaxed, do for certain a little while otherwise was bungled ' high mountain elder sister, my this secondary is not to pass, may do not have next time ' the means of this word? ' according to Nuo, you won't sign what contract with old boss really ' Di Yinuo falls feebly on seat, shake one's head, calculated do not say much be a tear. ' according to Nuo, put relaxed, the Mu Qiao that you think to did not allow to still can see you greatly, have power so a bit ' if can see him Mu Qiao, and can want still have group photo to her autograph, the likelihood failed also won't be to remain how terrible only.

Arrived the spot, mu Qiao did not see see Yu Qingqing however however, if say Mu Qiao is hers,love most, so Yu Qingqing is her most hate, a Tong Xing that sees the Zheng Miaogong that be like a root gives the actor of the path, boy friend of one accost others is however below illicit, like to pull step on others, by hook and crook some goes up Bai Lian is beautiful, if not be necessary,meet, surname does not think according to Nuo pressing root and this person has any contact. Recreation encircles the person with what kind of good and evil people mixed up to have, to became famous, the success is really by hook and crook, sheet is so relative word, yu Qingqing has been. The love that does not have for no reason at all also does not have the hate of for no reason at all of course, recreation encircles so much cannot the secret that character says, the person of so bad idea, di Yinuo also can not is fed up with, can be at the moment this, she is looked at even if not pleasing to the eye, others does not know she can know, moment of a high school can impute of exert frame sb the woman of this kind of method, even if grow again good-lookingly, just also be bursa of a pair of skin, what is more,the rather that her face is acquired still.

Yu Qingqing today's dress up the person that accords with her really to set, the circle of element white gets short sleeve, lap plunges into the neat genu in brown grid in short skirt, the flat bottom shoe of black word end one double blank, the whole individual that foil is lively and lovely, plus air bang and neat shoulder bingle, give a person very good the feeling that get along, compare Di Yinuo, di Yinuo has a place really optional, white T-shirt matchs black tight jeans, it is one pair wore long Xiaobai shoe below the foot, comfortable and simple, this is surname the wearing that likes most according to Nuo is built, can let her loosen, appear however nevertheless Di Yinuo has some of ignored to try lens this. Early know Yu Qingqing also tries lens, she wears shorts, this respect Di Yinuo had not been afraid of the figure, all along is height a meter of 7 legs grow two meters self-confidence.

Di Yinuo does not open the line of sight purposely, do not want to have heart of what be mixed with Yu Qingqing, di Yinuo does not want to representing Yu Qingqing not to think, yu Qingqing sees Di Yinuo comes in from the doorway that stood from the chair momently, what so important Di Yinuo trying lens wears actually is so optional, feel happy secretly in Yu Qingqing heart, before cannotting help going up, want to chat with Di Yinuo

' according to Nuo, disappear for ages ' of this kind of formally greet sb, two people the heart knows abdomen bright, di Yinuo's line of sight is moved away from the mobile phone, look at Yu Qingqing with one's tongue in one's cheek ' hey! Yu Qingqing ' mood is not cold not hot, won't let a dialog also cannot stop abruptly. Shoot a glance at of line of sight arrives Di Yinuo Di Yinuo aside number ' will try play, female? ' Di Yinuo nods, rejected to chat with Yu Qingqing's development, yu Qingqing also won't feel snubbed of ask for it, returned oneself seat, di Yinuo does not like Yu Qingqing, yu Qingqing also disappears like Di Yinuo. Two people are the object that each big sale date loves all along, often be made compare together by the row, after all two individual age similar, acting is about the same also, plus the position that encircling in recreation big also difference is not differred, always also can be taken without collaboration compare one time. Although two people do not have collaboration but had met on a few evening parties, it is understanding. They see incorrect eye twice each other, two vermicelli made from bean starch also is all along does not make do, yu Qingqing's vermicelli made from bean starch takes superior move oneself, enrage in the crime on the issue that handles Di Yinuo especially very heavy, di Yinuo's vermicelli made from bean starch cannot bear the sight of Yu Qingqing, two do not have a thing to each other black, it is extreme misery to not allow, an award is made in all before two people, fall to Di Yinuo head finally, camera lens is swept at that time to Yu Qingqing, of the standard on the face let a person look as clear as dayly simperingly, because of the thing of that award, the vermicelli made from bean starch of Home Yu Qingqing is ill-affected all the time, the morale that always wants to look for a Di Yinuo of opportunity rub rub. Is this pair of present situation to want to pull an one bureau? Two people should try lens a part, brush those who go down that if be come out, estimation should be sneered at again, diyi thinks in Nuo heart. Originally oneself have pressure very much, came again now a Yu Qingqing, the pressure in Di Yinuo heart much a few minutes.

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