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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 4596 words, update at: 2019-06-27 09:52

Strike a reef of marriage of Shenyang snow chant, the helper that can search can be sea leisurely and Liu Zhaoqing only.

Liu Zhaoqing suffers regard highly quite recently, instigated the important task that B group works as a whole, coming to what give counsel for Shen Xueyin is 10 thousand leisurely.

The very much Zhang Guan that 10 thousand leisurely saw be put in the mobile phone to Shen Xueyin is like the photograph of different point of view at installing.

The An Re on the photograph, now.. is taking smile to call, now.. shows pleasant smiles to chat with the colleague, now.. guidance revises blueprint with the stylist of the group, him now.. grasps a pen to raise cheek wirh fixed attention to brood with the hand... so much photograph, deliberately plan to be patted inside near future of 10 thousand leisurely, want to accomplish picture qualitative clarity already, want beware of party again witting, among them insecurity and hardship, need not say oneself.

And heart of Shen Xueyin drops pair of abomination that destroy him marriage a third party already completely in, also not was aware of to the intended layout a bit of 10 thousand leisurely.

Finally 10 thousand leisurely arrange a few pieces of photographs painstakingly, what whole journey records is an A8L stops in elegant an office building entrance, how will be like from elegant a process of rhythm. The photograph films time is not long ago, specific fact is He Tian receive An Reying fulfil is elegant the bureau of a meal of a manager Cheng clear raise, cheng Qingyang helps He Tian handle affairs, he Tian should give corresponding get one's own back. The large construction that waits to decorate on the gigantic boss hand of Shanxi is much is, congratulate day pull wires, cheng Qingyang makes much big bill much more naturally receive -- but, this 10 thousand leisurely won't say to Shen Xueyin.

Shen Xueyin can see, it is car buttock go up obviously for nothing " east G95888 " the series that number of Chinese character letter comprises, these symbols, be like an eye that small ** casts into her, the instant explodes, her scamper gets have one's body smashed to pieces.

The scene when He Tianzuan gives a car is not had special, because be a back only, but, receive An Reshi, she has made the smile of corners of the mouth had not seen for years it seems that. The instant that two people get on a car together also is come down by the record. Last car leaves, it is 2 people go to date place in all necessarily, next before the flowers and below the moon your Nong Wonong.

Shen Xueyin sees furious point, throw the mobile phone toward the wall forcibly. Did not wait for reaction of 10 thousand leisurely to come over, buy not long mobile phone newly already burst is dropped go up.

10 thousand leisurely are brash want to prevent, also do not have the high-heeled shoes that block Shen Xueyin anger and extends.

Shen Xueyin's high-heeled shoes, make mobile phone spare parts all come to bits.

10 thousand leisurely feel distressed the ground cries: "How can be you done so! "How can be you done so!!

Shen Xueyin says: "Feel distressed? Feel distressed I send both of you again exactly like. Feel distressed I send both of you again exactly like..

10 thousand leisurely are knitting brows, skinful fury does not have a law to say to her. Precious contact book also calculated, there is backup in computer. But, a lot of personal stuffs are inside, so bad, also be done not have again.

10 thousand leisurely are to mix be used to after all the veteran of duty field, between moment the heart rusty leave to move, changed a train of thought to blame Shen Xueyin to say: "These photographs, staying is evidence of a crime. You with respect to such finish, red mouth white tooth, what to say, can your Laogong admit? Can your Laogong admit??

Forgive of Shenyang snow chant is anger did not cease, this word also lets her sleep lightly come over.

But, put have " significant evidence " the mobile phone has broken the degree that also winds even Qiaobusi the day feebly, they are in how regretful, also at job of no help, be obliged.

Shen Xueyin lets 10 thousand leisurely must think a way for her.

10 thousand leisurely say: "Go be troubled by to the company! You are formidable congratulate little madam, those who if be a shameless,install is small 3. You before elegant the face of an all employee, firm firm fan a slap on the face of that wretch, and pulling her hair warn her, make her a bit further from your husband. Make her a bit further from your husband..

These words, stored for ages certainly in heart of 10 thousand leisurely, when speaking out, not only the language of 10 thousand leisurely fast so fast that a bit halt does not have, even her eye agitato sent light.

She is not to An Re's bear grudges, group of originality ministry A and B group, all along is extreme misery nots allow, two force of at daggers drawn, if had He Tian,install unluckily a such backer, got several to call a person jealous big bill, created superhigh benefit for the company, how be like an individual, also mix naturally weller and weller, a group can calculate control B group completely went down. Will do not want to lose in elegant the position between, 2 come, she should reverse this inferior position completely. Shen Xueyin's data, it is she expended a tremedous effort to just buy a hand from inside hand of a priviate dective, to Shen Xueyin its person, 10 thousand leisurely are counted year in but was accomplished deeper than understanding oneself. Even if without sea leisurely this concerns, she exhausts intelligence also can be built on Shen Xueyin this boat. The future An Re bumps smash, she holds Shen Xueyin in both hands boss, oneself become flunky also will not grudge!

But, those who make her very disappointed is, snow chant does Shenyang not to come out to growl before the face of a public occasion at all small 3 either thing.

10 thousand leisurely desperately agitate go canvassing: "What are you afraid of? You but card congratulate little madam! You should warn that woman to be far from your husband not only, even president of hook in congratulate, make chief editor, use all sorts of person pulse, let that woman cannot be in east city base oneself upon. Let this woman boil east city, also do not contact congratulate general manager again, such how vent one's anger, still solved the problem of instantly, be very good? Be very good??

See Shen Xueyin is craven from beginning to end, she is dark of hate, cannot help disappointing!

One plan won't do, her second birth one plan, say to Shen Xueyin: "Otherwise such, bright move you are not willing, dark, do we give this wretch fierce look? Do we give this wretch fierce look??

This goes! Shen Xueyin expresses to be very interested immediately.

10 thousand leisurely as before gnash. Because, an Re grabbed the limelight on her job not only, still will elegant Cheng Qingyang turned the manager between into epigone.

10 thousand leisurely are favorite Cheng Qingyang for a long time. All along elegant begin, she regards Cheng Qingyang as the superexcellent person selected that is worth to spend next half a lifetime in all. Do not pass age 37 years old, have a such asset to pass the large company of ten million, in the meantime, its person gentle of have delicate features, when coming on the stage is the Ti Tang about that a pair of successful personage holds high grade God concurrently.

But, it is a such people, putting infatuation she looks to also do not glance more, like that An Re that pesters with childe of rich and powerful family unluckily.

10 thousand leisurely take his head to bet, the relation affirmation of day of An Rehe congratulate is not pure, and, when how if be in abroad to read,assiduously studying this large, the life not very rigorous. Say according to a few knows how to be like ins and outs people in the company, light is to be in England, how to if interact,pass man of two foreign nationality. Man of these two foreign nationality, one is an Englishman, one is a French, if be together with these two people,install, be afraid of is what thing has been done.

Cheng Qingyang likes An Re unexpectedly, is Cheng Qingyang's eye blind can you still be how?

Nod to An Re fierce, think in Shen Xueyin, look for person humiliate to perhaps beat up An Reyi to pause namely just. Accordingly, when 10 thousand leisurely drive to receive her to Beijing grade elementary school, shen Xueyin joyfullies get on a car. They in all the alley after the car comes to street of bar of Lan Long bay child mouth. 10 thousand leisurely send a person to stare at dead An Re, know how to if be in at the moment,be mixed in green forest chaperon drinks dance. Two men that 10 thousand leisurely hire are indicated according to 10 thousand leisurely, come to bar inside. Two men neatly dressed, look like classy person, say a word only to An Re, an Reli is engraved good gracious come out from back door.

If saying, those two men are to An Re: "Congratulate always lets us come, pay respects the alley after the young lady arrives gets together. Pay respects the alley after the young lady arrives gets together..

Install the heart that be like, fall in love with He Tian to rise momently then from the decision, her heart, by this man full occupational. Do not want the alley after saying, tell namely there is a fiery pit before her, jump down to be able to see him, she also can go before honor permits no turning back.

But, what her absolutely did not think of is, after following those two men to go out, it is the fiery pit that drops beyond redemption really. Two men take her to dark and secret place, two people start a hand, get on An Reshen thin thin garment unlined upper garment is ripped sodden, next inflict rape!

This is the place of firm of shade of 10 thousand leisurely!

She should destroy An Re thoroughly, destroyed An Re's body, destroyed An Re's self-confidence, destroyed those who belong to An Re is all everything. She is honest too everything what the eye hopes An Re is had at present, career, love, still that calls a person to look the self-confident tenderness of gnash. She should let these completely broken up, grey flying smoke destroys!

After that, replace by her!

The calculation of 10 thousand leisurely is evil, nevertheless, bring the order that be like or design than her be close friends some. Without giving thought to when, always float on beautiful face move spring water is euqally thick she of thick smile, always can offend come the man with exquisite true affection wants idea had longing. A man with first-rate temperament notices this pretty woman early, see two men go out deceive of a woman, follow secretly after. Then, he comes up against An Re by the thing of two men incivility.

Man immediately the hero saves the United States to rush forward, because of double fist irresistibility 4 hands were hit a lot of times, an Re climbs from the ground, one holds the leg of a bandit in arms, bite forcibly go down. Bandit eye sees petty gain is not occupied, be troubled by badly to can be caught by the police, kicked man and An Re forcibly several feet, ferocious scolded several, fall next barren and go.

10 thousand leisurely when the phone of bandit, her information forbids a very fierce abuse in bandit: "Be to say with respect to her female? How to risk a when come out male? Within an inch of lets brother accidentally drop! Within an inch of lets brother accidentally drop!!

10 thousand leisurely listen to know the thing did not do a success, anxious also rise, tongue-lash: "Who pats chest to you can give her certainly with me abandoned? " hanged a phone to scold: "True his Mom is trashy! "True his Mom is trashy!!

Shen Xueyin is sent muddled a bit, ask: "You... what to let a person be done to An Re after all? "You... what to let a person be done to An Re after all??

10 thousand leisurely are doing not have good energy of life, aloud: "Went up she ah, can be you still gone to by the woman after person ** accost your husband? Still not be you trashy, if oneself go up, humiliate that wretch, the idea with my so big membership fee? The idea with my so big membership fee??

About 10 thousand leisurely and bandit trade, final certainly will interacts with money finish. Those black power members also have his rule, gold of make things difficult for others replaces person disappear calamity, money in one's hand everything ends. Instead is elegant inside, 10 thousand leisurely see An Re again, that be discouraged and uneasy, did not carry.

An Re seeks person account without evidence, but, the expression of 10 thousand leisurely lets her do not have a law not be suspicious. At this moment she, had sufferred nearly by the fright of ** , want those who reject the elegant man of arise suddenly to had been shown again, hurriedly, accepted Cheng Qingyang's pursuit. Suddenly change one's identity, became elegant she of a proprietress is furtive in monitor stealthily 10 thousand leisurely. The association of 10 thousand leisurely, Liu Zhaoqing and Shen Xueyin, rise to surface.

How be like its person, be like water softly is her only of a respect idiosyncratic, let her nearly be utterly discredited with so mean shift unexpectedly, no matter much more tolerant state of mind, she also does not have law appeasement.

She is thought of will want to go, decide to let off Liu Zhaoqing above all. This new personality, just stepped sufficient them this industry before long, although be 10 thousand leisurely and pull wires of Shenyang snow chant to build the bridge, but, because every daytime is in elegant a business, the thing of bar back street, she was not participated in. 10 thousand leisurely, because idea is put,be beyond the job too much, say the chief that is B group, authority duty is actually early with respect to move. Since Liu Zhaoqing stays, nature of 10 thousand leisurely is about to leave. An Reli uses the essence that its person stubborns and intractable, cause 10 thousand leisurely to rip turn against with oneself in public through working itself. An Re borrows elegant the name between announces: The city decorates a bound east, if still can stay to issue 10 thousand leisurely its person, elegant, certainly will and the person that receive 10 thousand leisurely at daggers drawn!

As to Shen Xueyin, an Reben feels she reaved her most beloved person.

Original, come, if disposition of crack oneself up belongs to simple good people originally,install, hetian and she is meet by chance originally, each other do not have formal association already, he Tian also did not give her any consent. He Tian married Shen Xueyin finally, although she is dim, but do not hate absolutely. 2 come, an Reshen loves He Tian, dozen hope He Tian can get true happiness only in the bottom of the heart. He Tian needs her to become a pure female bosom friend, she with respect to the idea according to him hazy existence. Love, may not stay together, this is to if be defined to affective,be installed.

But, this, shen Xueyin is in 10 thousand leisurely are indulgent fall to make such injustice unexpectedly and absurd thing, make she is excused hard.

She is opposite within an inch of by contemptuous thing Cheng Qingyang reveal everything.

Oneself are recounted in clear to Cheng raise " extremely " when experiencing, she used a method appropriately, put on for instance " very pitiful " appearance, say one's proper business, petition again Cheng Qingyang lets off each other, although do not have,suffer a murderous scheme because of her, but get after all little is act indecently towards, this appearance, she feels she has not deserved to go up he.

An Re was missing 3 days.

3 days in, she once was like the tear that flies violently like rain before Cheng Qingyang, cheng Qingyang this pure spoony kind flooded thoroughly.

Cheng Qingyang bedlamite is same, develop Heng Yuan's building directly, enter congratulate weather office, get on congratulate day table one honour carve of natural and crystal eagle gives platinic base fell smash.

This honour eagle carve, accipitral eye is the diamond of a pair of 2 carat, the mouth and accipitral claw are to collect from deep-sea Wu Jintie, color and true accipitral mouth and accipitral claw are not had commonly 2, old rare, value about a hundred 10 thousand, break on the ground in very short time however asunder.

He Tian is very angry, ask Cheng Qingyang aloud: "Of old early in the morning, you will what send mad! You will what send mad!!

Cheng Qingyang is enraged so that do not say to give a word to come, attack to be mixed his scuffle.

Congratulate day hair is random, the dress is inclined also, good not easy cost swings Cheng Qingyang. The fourth secretary that before hearing the news, comes directs floor to ensure public security hastily, this ability controls Cheng Qingyang.

The Cheng Qingyang of bristle with anger tongue-lashs incessantly: "Excrement of dissembler, smelly dog, bastard... " vulgar language of in succession change erupts.

Later, he Tiancai figures out its how a thing happened from beginning to end. He also is not making a noise to let carve of eagle of Cheng Qingyang compensate, bade Luo Zhibin turned all dinner parties that day, next time had not arrived afternoon, he drives come home!

On board, he Tian comes two days this with respect to ceaseless after-thought of Shen Xueyin a variety of abnormal: Did not make a noise with oneself, also not was troubled by with oneself, now and then oneself still want to please her, she however the fawn that suddenly is like be frighted, just touch, in a flurry runout. Forgive is him astute generation also was not joined realize fully, once so pure girl can make such issue unexpectedly.

Buy fierce ** " rival in love " ?

This is what kind abominable, be what kind absurd?

He phones An Re after Cheng Qingyang leaves, be informed somebody is aided at that time had escaped to rob, this ability is a few stabler in the heart. But, what never had had such rate to Shen Xueyin's fury is rising, seem all the time the volcano of dormancy erupts abruptly same, ...

Gold times those who tell He Ningxi and Song Shijun is: One day, mr. Shen is covering unexpectedly guaze mask, belt is worn sunglasses comes to the school. She still wants to ask for leave to willow president, sore is burned on brag, the eye also killed stythe eye of a needle, want to rest 3 days at least. Actually, that injury is called clearly.

Elegant build inside who can hit her?

Who be He Tian still has?

He Ningxi believes far from, goggle at eye is blusterous: "Fasten bullshit, how can my elder brother be the person that lays a woman! How can my elder brother be the person that lays a woman!!

Gold in times heart certainly, cry: "How be bullshit? Someone looks those who cut really clearly, canthus black is violet, mouth is green, stythe eye of a needle can feel the corner of the eye below, can sore make mouth paly? Clearly hand is beaten! Clearly hand is beaten!!

Song Shijun hears such news, take pleasure in other's misfortune, in the heart not Titus is glad, chaff: "Ning Xi, it is sibling, your elder brother and you are two people after all. What can your elder brother do, you do not know also curiosity of it doesn't matter is strange. " still take He Ningxi just if come out jokingly: "Who makes you so long do not come home? "Who makes you so long do not come home??

He Ningxi by suffocate, go up red a word also answers the face not to come out.

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