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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 3959 words, update at: 2019-06-24 13:11

Argent BMW, stop in chronically bank willow bank of Jiang Bian.

Autumn wind blow gently, grow long wicker to be in shallow dim light of night kiss, be like the girl's attractive waist limb, very moving like the girl affection is thought of.

He Tian took a smoke from cigarette case, open car window, firm sucks a few. The smoke that remnant comes down is pressed destroy in cigarette ash chamfer, his in no time says to Song Shijun: "Very long before I feel we do not suit together really, have love, love beauty is not important. The mainest is: I do not have energy, also do not have that apiration, go accompanying you and my Mom to be in feeling is fought on this thing will be fought. Go accompanying you and my Mom to be in feeling is fought on this thing will be fought..

"But today's its fault is absent I. "But today's its fault is absent I..

"The fault is completely on my Mom body, that also is my Mom, I had been not circled, must face. Must face..

"The kind that you face, should sacrifice namely I? Should sacrifice namely I??

"Not be to should sacrifice you -- " He Tian thinks, it is more good to was not found say decline, be forced to say: "I have no alternative. "I have no alternative..

"He Tian, " Song Shijun very the eye that staring at him forcibly, heartstricken, "For the love in the past, you can go every year hold a memorial ceremony for. But, I am now before your, love is before you, you are done not have at all self-effacing I, protect me, the think of a way that wants to make me happy. You what is this, do you know? You are week of Piao Yuan at all, it is dissembler! It is dissembler!!

He Tian was prickled, he turns suddenly eye, stare her: "You do not give a definition to me in disorder. " the face turns again go back, "Who am I, myself knows, what do you say, I won't care at all. " say, he turns topic, "You come out time also before long, with plain student dormitory 10 before close, I send you. I send you..

The car leaves on the highroad is done not have a little while, song Shijun all over the face tear heavy track: "Jockey. "Jockey..

He Tian was not responded to immediately, argent BMW leaves on the road again had gone out far.

Song Shijun wants him to pull open door, after intelligent car lock is shut, cannot if wish. He Tian surpriseds: "What should you do? " Song Shijun seizes steering wheel instead personally, he was frightened jump greatly, hastily speech sound switch comes to drive automatically mode. Systematic search is the same as plain campus of university academy of fine arts, initiative after making a line, joyous tantivy rises. He Tian presses Song Shijun's upper part of the body, angry track: "Did not live? " BMW is reincarnate the lightning in be a night, not a long time has driven college town around.

Poetic skin of the bamboo wears the Song Dynasty to cry to cry again again amuck: "Be, I think dead namely, I think dead namely. I do not want to be together with you, one second also does not want, you let me go down, you let me go down. You let me go down..

Congratulate day speech " jockey " , argent BMW stops urgently in the roadside that can jockey.

Song Shijun opens the door to be not gotten wildly, he Tian pressed key opening a lock, deputy rise like driving door wing.

Song Shijun gets dispatch a vehicle, took two paces face round, burst into tears, ferocious put down: "I can hate you, hate you all one's life! " suffering of scale of attack by surprise runs quickly.

He Tian is beaten forcibly beat steering wheel, lean on the back of the chair heavily next.

Song Shijun is pedestrian run back to an institute, do not have a dormitory, phone Su Ming Yue: "Mom, I am good I am very sad, sad. " aching do not have law breath to breath, big mouth is big broken-winded sound, yue frightened the Su Ming that lets just prepare to bathe to jump greatly.

"Baby, you now where? " Su Ming Yue asks. After Song Shijun says, su Ming Yue grabs immediately car key, seize the door and go out.

Doorway of courtyard is in the beauty receives a daughter, song Shijun attacks to put acoustical cry bitterly in mom bosom.

"I should not hear your word, should not return a heart to live a fantasy to the man of his home. " Song Shijun sits on mom car, be without reservation to cry decadent, "Mom, at the outset when congratulate listen wind leaves you, you also are such feelings, heart by stamp medium, lacerate, whole person crumble, broken up, right incorrect? What am I like, wing was broken, systemic bone was broken same, close an eye, whole person falls cliff is same acedia, deathly stillness. " the person that she continues to seem to drown, dead dead hold tight lives the dress of own wind.

Su Ming Yue feels distressed cannot from already, holding her in the arms, at the same time for company drops tear, call gently at the same time: "Small skin of the bamboo, mom is here, you do not fear, mom still is here. " listen to a daughter to cry so that rip a heart to crack lung, she also does not have a law again sensible, get through the phone of congratulate listen wind, shout of effort of spent whole body: "You come out your son belt immediately, immediately, immediately! Otherwise I look for you, no matter where you are, face of domestic inside and outside the remotest corners of the earth, dig the ground I meet 3 feet to look for you, look for you and your son together! Look for you and your son together!!

Congratulate listen wind and commercial associate are together, water of a mist, carrying a phone to come to the outside: "What thing did young season do again? "What thing did young season do again??

Su Ming Yue all over shiver: "I am about to see you now, you arrive immediately with plain come here. " hanged a phone, comfort Song Shijun: "Mom stands in you here, can help you seek a justice. " search felt hall of a coffee, wanted a balcony, issue congratulate listen wind specific place and balcony order next.

Congratulate listen wind try every possible way to persuade sb, from the extricate oneself in the dinner party, just got on a car, phone He Tian: "I say, you after all how one and the same? You talk about love with Song Shijun again, do two people talk again not approach? Do two people talk again not approach??

He Tian did not think of father comes so quickly again accusing oneself, he is opening the door of apartment, after stride house, slipper cannot be found unexpectedly, he pushs lightly all shoes in shoe ark on the ground entirely, next one buttock sits into sofa.

Congratulate listen wind says: "I give you an address, you arrive after 15 minutes over there. You arrive after 15 minutes over there..

He Tian says: "Su Ming Yue or Song Jiasen ask so you, ask jointly even I? I do not have err everything, their grand door banquet, I do not go. I do not go..

"Be troubled by rise, how don't have you the least bit thing? Moreover, no matter bilateral concern is already intense to what degree, have what word, you say to be clear about with everybody face to face, include me, such ability are flat and agile. Such ability are flat and agile..

He Tian closes an eye, let cerebrum be in involute in search the calm with one god-given instant, passed a little while, he opens open one's eyes: "Father, song Shijun is a very good girl, she is clever, innocent, especially she is very beautiful really. I am long so big, also had not seen more beautiful than her girl. But, she is had desire too strong, impulse disregards my feeling completely again. She wants to catch everything on herself hand, besides me, still have Ning Xi, include you and mother. She knows Ning Xi is pure, deep also know well your feeling to Su Ming Yue, know you won't object her meaning the business that do absolutely. I also can be her originally as far as possible concede, but, mom can be not accepted. I cannot hurt Mom's heart because of someone else, resemble once what I ask you must accomplish father is same. Part company with her -- I am very sad also. Part company with her -- I am very sad also..

Congratulate day hang up phone.

Stride inside Bach, congratulate listen wind is holding a mobile phone, for a long time is reticent.

After half hour, old Zhang Di wakes: "President, arrived. Arrived..

Congratulate listen wind answers a god suddenly.

Come out from the car, door child pulls open two doors for him affably. Congratulate listen wind said box number, female attendant is all smiles, the way is led in front.

Walk into balcony, he sees the one act that allows his times feeling pressure: Young Song Shijun then complete bubble is in Zhang Piaoliang's face in tear, the eye is like two peach, the cheek is bloated also rise. The cow that Su Ming Yue Zeru protects young young animal is average, scamper is worn wool, goggle at eye, the appearance of gnash, as if fall to be able to jump momently, go to his tear at first have one's body smashed to pieces.

Congratulate listen wind stood a little while in place, it is clear to think oneself come round today, want after all why, thereafter, just take a step on.

After seeing him abruptly, the suddenly of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty of anxiety of all over the body shines at the moment. The daughter is much abrupter spirit, sit again straight the body, su Ming Yue the feeling of at swords' points also alleviates immediately a lot of.

But, when congratulate listen wind the mouth indicates intention, satori of pure these two ability a truth: Arm ancon, won't bend toward forever.

Two hands put congratulate listen wind on the desk together, the right hand, enclothe left hand gently. This is one looks leisurely and comfortable, the pose that contained guard completely actually, the smile of fascia type is initiative maintained the distance with the other side.

Congratulate listen wind says: "I am very sorry, I cannot satisfy your cherished desire, the person zone that wants you to see truly comes over. He Tian is my son, place of any of his moral morality has break, it is my neglect one's duty, I did not use up the obligation that becomes father good. Caused a worry to you, I express regret greatly. If what can I still do, what can accomplish, you can be carried as far as possible. You can be carried as far as possible..

Song Shijun's tender body quivers abruptly, the charming floral of harships beat upon, dejected paralysis answers sofa.

Su Ming Yue stare tongue-tied, quite a while, the lip is asp: "Do you say this with me? I let you come to here, you did not take your son to also calculated, say this with me? Say this with me??

The look of congratulate listen wind is a little cold: "What do you still want to let me say then? "What do you still want to let me say then??

"I... I... " mood of Su Ming Yue declines suddenly cereal bottom, never had had such heart cold despair to him, accordingly suddenly cruel case. Lying between a table, she is paying the dress of congratulate listen wind, wind of listen allowing a surname stands up: "The conscience that has yourself asked when you say this kind of word to me? How do you say to love me at the outset, how to explain with me again later: Everything is to assure my happiness, must not do it soon. You let me receive the Dai Yan of beautiful meaning, saying is for my in the future. But now, my daughter was hurt by your son heart, she is so sad that she want dead, I am so sad also that I wanted to die, why do you say the lie mixing Zhang of this kind of hypocritical accident even? Why do you say the lie mixing Zhang of this kind of hypocritical accident even??

She bypasses table, stand before congratulate listen wind, be like glower female King Kong: "Today, you give me an answer: Go back, you persuade Xuyifei immediately, let her agree with Hetian and association of small skin of the bamboo. Let her agree with Hetian and association of small skin of the bamboo..

Congratulate listen wind remembers He Tian pour out, not by deep feeling. He heaves a sigh, to Su Ming Yue says: "Whole east the city is not to have a He Tian only, small skin of the bamboo she is clever, beautiful, very capable, completely negligible cross this paragraph, those more and wonderful, happier things are sure can advanced face awaits. Is she beautiful now does the courtyard read aloud dress design to be opposite incorrect? Want her to be willing only, my individual is contributive, send her to go on the west alliance, send her to go lucky man, everything can help her be on fashionable and most advanced opportunity, I need not offer as a gift strength to spare offers her. Seem in those days my father helps advance somebody's career a person, I also can serve the top that common people fixes eyes upon small skin of the bamboo. She had position and money, what can you still have cannot she go again angle? What can you still have cannot she go again angle??

Song Shijun also stands up from sofa: "I do not want your capital, also do not need you to come force is held in both hands. Also do not need you to come force is held in both hands..

"Yes! " Yue brains has heated up Su Ming to be no good, "The desire of my daughter, it is me at the moment all wish. It is me at the moment all wish..

Congratulate listen wind very kink, stare Su Ming Yue. Flow in his eye dripping true love, however, after this can not change him to take the door, in the decision that sits down in the heart.

Had looked at Song Shijun, look at Su Ming Yue next, congratulate listen wind says: "East the competition that the city has large concerned design every year, if change mind, you can contact me at any time. You can contact me at any time..

Su Ming Yue pulls him: "Where do you want to go? "Where do you want to go??

Complexion of congratulate listen wind sinks: "Tea, either only your daughter just is the child, young season to me, if return,need to do not have grown child as much. " the look crosses her, cast Xiang Songshi skin of the bamboo, "Parted company, you will be sad. Young season is not to do not have emotive person completely, I believe, he at the moment in the heart, certain bad also to suffer. Certain bad also to suffer..

Mother and daughter of Su Ming Yue was stupefied.

Congratulate listen wind leaves leisurely.

Pressed dial quickly, after the phone puts through two initiative and broken. Congratulate listen wind walks out of coffee hall, laozhang been openinging a car to be greeted.

Received a president, laozhang asks: "Where to go to now? "Where to go to now??

Congratulate listen wind gently: "Essence garden. "Essence garden..

Because of father be determined, from the back a week, he Tian lives in elegant build. And this incident, xu Yifei won't abandon tracking anyhow, after she asks the processing of clear He Tian the decision, wind of threatening congratulate listen must make make known one's position. Her original idea, do not want to let mother and daughter of Su Ming Yue be occupied of course any windward. And Where is actual condition? Su Ming Yue, Song Shijun confronts her son, her husband, had not gotten a bit benefit really, plateful of it may be said all is defeated.

People is in commission steal steal murmurous about the detail with this wonderful incident.

To later, come to even He Ningxi to ask He Tian: "Elder brother, your true Song Shijun... hurt so miserably? Your true Song Shijun... hurt so miserably??

He Tianzheng is answering mail, after handling at hand to get on this one, turn eye stares her: "Who says with you these? "Who says with you these??

"Everybody knows in the home, lvshu and summerly aunt boast you are filial, nevertheless -- "

He Tian is very helpless what those pass the Eight Diagrams is long-tongued fair long-tongued Fu, sigh, ask He Ningxi: "Can you be fed up with an elder brother accordingly? "Can you be fed up with an elder brother accordingly??

He Ningxi shakes his head: "You are an elder brother, I won't become friend of male and female with you. I won't become friend of male and female with you..

Hetian laugh: "Be ah be, your cinch you that ' elder brother of young wise man ' , with respect to everything is just fine. With respect to everything is just fine..

He Ningxi is ridiculed so that alpenglow bestrews on the face, bashful a long time, stamp cries gently: "I should tell pa Mom, you bully me. You bully me..

"Pa Mom just won't blame me for this thing. " He Tiangang says, he Ningxi stretched his hand to press circuit at random on his computer clavier, run rapidly then. So artful, a mail is opened, after replying to pile random code, be sent to go out again. He Tian receives that very quickly to seal mail to send the letter in reply of a person amazed, will do not explain, face about big growl: "He Ningxi! "He Ningxi!!

He Ningxi " chuckle cough up " laughing, birdie flies away euqally.

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