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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 2371 words, update at: 2019-06-23 08:15

In the dining room, millions of people is fixed eyes upon. Song Shijun from enter dining room, to sit down, look at her in the dark and gesticulating person in an endless stream. Jin Bei is very compunctious, say stealthily: "I am sorry, the lion, I am wanting to connect Chu Zhengzhe to also can conquer namely, your glamour is not a lid really, now such, I cannot think of really. I cannot think of really..

Song Shijun holds his head high hold out a bosom, eat and drink normally, eat, say: "I reiterate seriously: I, with Chu Zhengzhe, that snow that just fell than yesterday is even pure. That snow that just fell than yesterday is even pure..

"All 9 schoolboys help you resist 13 8 class, schoolgirls... "

"That is coincidence! " Song Shijun extends index finger, jab of within an inch of arrives Jin Bei's mouth, emphasize, "Coincidence! " receive turn around and stretch out one's hand to point to, laugh leisurely: "Knew? "Knew??

Jin Bei be about to the elenctic and all get down of say sth unthinkingly, the sound of pharynx saliva is very exaggerative, thereafter, she ability is foolish do not be stupefied ascend nod: "I knew. "I knew..

Song Shijun answers a class to look for He Ningxi: " you those pictures are taken to me. " you those pictures are taken to me..

He Ningxi changes to protect the old hen of son personally for an instant, protect whole drawer with the body, the evil hands that does not let Song Shijun is extended come in. But, with respect to He Ningxi that nods physical strength, where can stop Song Shijun's attack. Do not have a little while, the sketch that is put in the drawer this, be reaved by the Song Shijun like female robber.

"Clang clang clang -- " those are drawn by what sagacious holds indescribable He Chuzheng to go together, completely by Song Shijun rip off.

He Ningxi again and again cry in fear, grab a sketch this, still do not have there's still time to cry, song Shijun is pointing to her, howl: "Did not draw again, hear not? " gnash, be born with respect to difference pare living person, ferocious path: "Draw again, I am ripped again. Draw, rip, rip so that you also are unable to call to mind again picture, won't draw till, hear? Hear??

He Ningxi is frightened foolish, containing tear, nod.

Once raised storm,do not pass this kind of work, meet partly temporarily, still be not appeased. Besides, hunan old handsome young man and Song Damei are combined femaly, accord with everybody to be opposite originally " a perfect match between a man and a girl " and " handsome male beautiful female love " all illusion. To Chu Zhengzhe the Ning Xi that chase after congratulate still does not seek this kind of job, at least, those 9 brains are not quite complex but limb special the fellow that develop, very special look not pleasing to the eye.

Lin Zhiyu feels: "The old, make use of an opportunity to do sth, came to forereach of great beauty of the Song Dynasty to calculate. You say, after calculating you, could there be congratulate that size elder sister is chased after in one's hand, he Ningxi has money besides father, what to still have? What to still have??

Tang Xiaofei also: "Be ah be, your itself also does not lack cash, pursue a girl that does not have besides money, what again, besides the Qianduode in the home continuously is risked toward, other demand can be couldn't get a bit contented. Other demand can be couldn't get a bit contented..

"Demand? " turning over the Fan Bisheng that hangs oneself on horizontal bar to listen so that stimulate clever, "Breathe out " break up: "What demand? The demand of which respect? " fan of the chin that be illuminated by Chu Zhengzhe spank, direct fan answers horizontal bar below.

Lin Zhiyu and Tang Xiaofei join forces, hang him again return horizontal bar.

Chu Zhengzhe experiences this kind of thing for the first time, regard as besides one-sided laughingstock, also do not know how to should be done temporarily. Flatter oneself ignores a rumor, rumor nature can be appeased. Unexpectedly eventually one day, he Ningxi blocks him actively for the first time.

In Chu Zhengzhe eye, like the lotus of water of He Ningxi no less than that does not have besides rich what Qingchun is lovely. Before what can let him want life of go ahead regardless more, was not guarded, only Ning Xi's little sister just! He Ningxi is firm " alas " , the Hunan eldest son in Chi Zha Ying Huagao became blueness at a draught acerbity bashful high school male, agree fragile ring not to say again, the pose that runs over is fart bump fart bump.

Lin Zhiyu helps a person shake one's head then groan.

He Ningxi says to Chu Zhengzhe gently: "I had thought, I feel, you talk about love with respect to serious He Xiaojun, also pretty is good. " the He Ningxi of pure pure beautiful beauty, nature is soft if speaking out. But, the meaning of the word falls in Chu Zhengzhe ear, swift and fierce must not less than at biting cold wind.

"What do you say? " enthusiasm of posse of Chu Zhengzhe the top of head freezes at high speed.

He Ningxi's feeling is searched the ordinary person goes up slow several pat, hanging her only the smile of that deputy very pure beautiful very pure beauty, organ continues soft: "I am to say, since you had liked to go up Song Shijun, so, treat her seriously, treat your love. " say, corners of the mouth is pulled some more apparently, pretend to be easy: "Tell the truth, in the life that I understand completely also, you had taken care of me how many times, this games I need not lose face before everybody, also be your contribution. Let go you completely to others, I still cannot be accepted at a draught. Nevertheless, the other side is small skin of the bamboo after all. The other side is small skin of the bamboo after all..

"Because,be Song Shijun, it what you abandon is OK that what you abandon? It what you abandon is OK that what you abandon??

He Ningxi hears character to be stupefied.

"In your eye, doesn't Hua Fen of I and the rose fokelore that should you send poem of the Song Dynasty skin of the bamboo before, Fu have different to be opposite substantially incorrect? Connect in mouth ' elder brother of young wise man ' also not be willing to cry again, in your heart, I am more need not go talking about emotive article, be? Lian Hetian has not been compared, most at least, you accept the elder brother that he is you sincerely, it is your family member. I, even ' elder brother ' do not calculate on? Even ' elder brother ' do not calculate on??

He says so much at a draught, it is " the rose is fabulous " " Fu Hua Fen " , it is " article " " elder brother of young wise man " , still have " congratulate day elder brother " clip is inside, what does put in 's charge, logic is so complex, where can He Ningxi understand?

"What do I want, had you thought after all? " Chu Zhengzhe raised tone.

He Ningxi trembled, she endeavors to want to say to be clear about, but think more, brain is randommer. Chu Zhengzhe's enunciation is bright, conversation seems to hit emmagee: "I never had said I like Song Shijun, I never also state I want to talk about love with Song Shijun. Can have those things that allow others misunderstanding, because I think you,have in 6 completely so a relation very the good friend of iron, I hope she accompanies you, take care of you, everything is not a design you, wait for you for sincerity only just, are you not clear? Are you not clear??

"I... " tear flows from He Ningxi eye, "I am not clear. "I am not clear..

"Then I tell you now; I like you only, he Ningxi, from send your the first Zhi Caihong lollipop to begin, there are you only in my heart. If I want to talk about love seriously after graduation, the object can be you only. The object can be you only..

He Ningxi is completely messy, the eye glare that she sees him is gotten so big, simply as once that always develops the him chaos growl, magnify Wei that get angry. She feels: Perhaps, his fist is about to raise immediately come. So fierce, be hit so that the mouth vomits blood by him, han Zhen is so outstanding, also do not hide his murderous scheme. Now, she also should face miserable in that way destiny, how should do? How should do?

He Ningxi line of sight blurs suddenly.

The Hening that Song Shijun develops to hold abruptly in arms after all, chu Zhengzhe of one foot spurn, howl: "What did you do to her? "What did you do to her??

He Ningxi sees well is her, install does warm tactility let him heart immediately. He Ningxi immediately very holding Song Shijun in the arms forcibly, passed a little while, the consciousness that run away from home just searchs slowly.

Song Shijun teachs Chu Zhengzhe a lesson like example child: "Grow loftily marvelous? Have go pledge is countrywide wushu champion very arrogantly? Bully a schoolgirl your character has a problem, do not have a qualification to do a man student. Do not have a qualification to do a man student, not be a man later, not be a man, you are fierce still what is fierce! You are fierce still what is fierce!!

Spirit of He Ningxi prostrate is same, be full of revere gaze at her. Example of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty is over Chu Zhengzhe, true goddess is like a to pull He Ningxi: "We go. "We go..

"Hum! " He Ningxi replies forcibly, the footstep catchs up with sturdily closely.

Chu Zhengzhe hold back skinful feel vexed is angry, but more those who make him sad, still be sad feeling. He also does not have expect to love and must not meet bear so hard. Having is manhood has a tear not flick, still cannot help today. Brush canthus, he just knows he makes piece of face so wet, firm firm beat the large tree after one private parts, he sucked nose forcibly. Somebody is given on the side come over a handkerchief, who is Chu Zhengzhe knows, not polite, one is seized.

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