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122 东莞桑拿蒲桑网it is a good elder brother

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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 2615 words, update at: 2019-06-26 10:39

Acquired boss Chen Ke, successive a few days, an idea attacks was in on the design of series of acquired dress winter. Saying is the job, unmanned also can oppugn. Also so a few days of kongfu, male money 15 unlined garment 8 cotton take 15 odd pants to place cotton slacks 3 sets, blueprint completely draw comes out. He still designed a few female sections, of continuance still is recreational and fashionable wind, make slightly revise, send a plant with respect to preparation, make sample first.

He still booked the fashionable dress show of a high standards on the plan, the purpose is, should become acquired brand figure more deep popular feeling. Making eye of acquired and alive person medium is a kind of popularity not just, should establish the concept of high-end major more.

And these, it is need go propping up before time.

Chen Ke is conscious, make oneself so busy that think a top that stops no less than coming.

A surname green rain has looked for him a few times to atelier, see him really very busy, do not carry give what trouble but also do not have a law to dominate a sentiment. The closest, him already all female moneys with good draw are ripped entirely sodden. Assistant little younger sister wants to use glue to stick draft afresh, how to try hard, do not have law success finally.

A surname green rain rips blueprint so that break very thoroughly!

Assistant little younger sister is a clever girl, persuade Chen Ke: "Or for the moment drops the job to calculate. A surname elder sister also is to long for Chen Zong you, you spend a wee bit time, accompany accompany her, also did not have these things. Also did not have these things..

Chen Ke is silent, good a little while, heave a sigh, say to her: "Go first of busy yourself, ah! Ah!!

This day, his scale full the graph morning, afternoon, come out from workshop. Come in inn hall, abrupt, the wind-bell of the doorway is noisy, the girl that pants of turnip of a black matchs personally below jacket of supplement of hoar of a dress pushs the door to walk into.

The girl arranged straight long hair to turn the fried dough twist of two Song Song into plait today, without any adornment, extremely succinct and relaxed go to oneself before.

Heart of Chen Ke's stivy a lot of days immediately Anacreontic rise, greet immediately, cry aloud: "Hello! " the boy that is like to had not seen world, rub begins consider good a long time, just continue to say: "He Ningxi, do you still remember me? Do you still remember me??

He Ningxi laughed immediately, say: "Mr. Chen, but I know you first oh. " the meaning below character: Calculate you not to know me, I also want recognition your ah.

Chen Ke resembling is childlike stretch one's hand scratch scratch afterbrain spoon, it is excited it is not know what to do, wanted a long time to just say: "Be ah be. " sucked deeply at a heat, spit come, suck again, spit again come, say next: "You come today, still see the clothes? Still see the clothes??

He Ningxi conjure is same, draw out from the canvas inclined satchel that carrying on the back one crowded child the design stalks of grain.

"Mr. Chen -- " she is enraged by honest to her work it doesn't matter, very bashful, red face says hard: "I think, I want to ask you to help me look. These work, I expended whacker interest, died cell of a lot of head, ability picture comes out. Alas, it is to do not have patience really, so, ask you to help me guard a pass. " finally a few words, her language fast become fast apparently. Say, a big stone fell eventually the ground.

He Ningxi cannot help extending loll head, say to Chen Ke next: "Mr. Chen, you won't blame me, quite abruptness. Quite abruptness..

"Won't won't... " Chen Ke is denied repeatedly. He reverses the plan on the hand simply, say to He Ningxi: "Otherwise such, you look, talk here no-go also, we go out, look for a place to sit down, detailed come to an agreement or understanding? Detailed come to an agreement or understanding??

He Ningxi nods immediately, say: "Good good! " thank again: "Thank Mr. Chen. " the hair smile from the heart is permeated with go up in the face, let Chen Ke can't help the heart gives birth to resonance.

Chen Ke explains little younger sister to visit shop well, taking He Ningxi to go out next.

Two people one before one hind have say to have the office of amorous feelings coffee that laughs at another to enter a shopping mall. The Song Shijun that is come round stealthily by He Ningxi of turning point follow at sb' heels looks as clear as dayly.

Of the heart guess was confirmed, song Shijun is unable to bear or endure to have the feeling of force.

Chen Ke, number is graduated from before New Year east job is big, enter a school when, it is the school inside come nearly 20 accepted years most the talent that has design talent. He is sensitive to what shed an element, and the feeling that transcends strong colour and line force, make his adviser severe at that time long exclaim unceasingly, cherish unceasingly.

This has obtained the youth of brilliant success in reality, nowadays, in east city dress also is a star that rises gradually inside design line of business. Go around and inquire next according to Song Shijun the result that hear the news, this large award of century star fashion surpasses dress design team this one, chen Ke, it is the main evaluation of new personality award!

She already the evaluation that what the He Shuo with successful public relations loads is maturity daughter outfit, and whole edition piece the most important evaluation, the teacher that just is Chen Ke -- Yan Xiu!

It is a month star rare autumn wind sends bright in the evening, BMW MZ8 of He Tian opens a Yu Bin a of nearby of square of park of river area century high-grade meal is met -- cabinet of sea of clouds. In the doorway, he gets off, door child drives the car into subterranean parking lot.

Those who experienced years brew, temperamental more gentle appearance even more the belle An Re of evil spirit be puzzled goes from inside, from He Tian the Yao station of one pace is decided, the face brings a smile, soft tone says: "Tony, you come. You come..

The affection between Hetian and her is very special.

Before congratulate day marriage, they ever each other has good opinion, how to if had had,want to turn into He Tian the ambition of the official below skirt, and He Tian, also had indulged in her tender mild and indirect really. Although had not been contacted all the time after marriage, however, if consider the perfect female bosom friend on this world, how to if be the most typical undoubtedly,represent.

They when 4 eye are opposite, can affection is revealed, side-by-side and when travel, tan Xiao is more tacit.

All these, fall in the eye of a person with high aspirations and determination, differentiate is unidentified this is a kind of what kind of relation after all.

In the balcony that has booked, elegant the manager Cheng Qingyang between and his good friend -- the Great Master Yan Xiu of dress bound, await respectively. And Yan Xiu also brought, convivial to this for very serious person.

If smile all over the face,install, give Introduction He Tian Cheng Qingyang, Yan Xiu. The renown head to He Tian has Cheng Qingyang, Yan Xiu early hear of, after An Re introduces Hetian to them again, 3 people concern immediately close, chat ardently rise.

Greet to already finished, the person that Yan Xiu takes him is pushed in front.

"Congratulate always, " the facial glorious that Yan Xiuliu has delicate moustache 4 shoot, be opposite first beside whisper of person light tone, made He Tian's case simply the introduction, say to He Tian next: "My complacent child, the graduate of elegant demeanour school early or late the author of day dress -- Chen Ke! The graduate of elegant demeanour school early or late the author of day dress -- Chen Ke!!

The world is a small bureau, the person that did not matter it seems that is the piece that each body loses all sorts of missions actually. Do not know when to begin, each other can have indescribable contact profoundly again.

Between the bag in laugh language is ceaseless, cheng Qingyang stems from An Re's apiration completely, congratulate total little sister " congratulate young lady " ballyhoo was done before Yan Xiuhe Chen Ke. Yan Xiuying pays this kind of circumstance do a familiar work with ease of nature of this kind of thing, between in a few words, entrust person with acting entrust person the heart is placatory the ground is stable and clinking.

Chen Ke hinders the face at the teacher, nature is the ceremony is respected have add.

Cheng Qingyang says congratulate young lady how outstanding, he has a smile on his face in order to be opposite. He Tian will respect him " wine " (dictum does not drink today, the mineral water that does not have alcohol is in everybody cup) , he is courteous also stand up, modest evade, next oneself in the cup " wine " quaff.

When feast ends, how to if ability is sedulous,go with Chen Ke.

What An Rewen mixes is idiosyncratic, when letting anybody face her smiling face, metropolis instant melts.

Chen Ke make very serious appearance listen to her to talk.

How be like look look is other 3 people, those 3 each other takes number, for the following connection and associate with found, she says to Chen Ke in a low voice: "Mr. Chen, a moment ago Cheng always said a lot of, actually, I think additional complement, seeing congratulate always is very lively the person that can communicate with other very much, actually, the disposition of congratulate young lady and congratulate always not same. The disposition of congratulate young lady and congratulate always not same..

Chen Ke asks: "Your meaning, is she very indrawn? Is she very indrawn??

If laughing to say,install: "Saying is ' undemonstrative ' should more appropriate, she is not the charming young lady with a threatening air of arrogance. She is not the charming young lady with a threatening air of arrogance..

Chen Ke " Oh " , ask again: "Do then we know her full name now? "Do then we know her full name now??

An Re says: "Ning Xi, halcyon send far, return go coming, she is called He Ningxi completely -- "

Chen Ke listens to be stupefied. Convivial still continueing, reason lets him continue to toast each other with other, talk cheerfully and humourously.

End, he Tian sends Cheng Qingyang, Yan Xiu and Chen Ke respectively. The car him also gives door child to come over. Before the car on He Tian, salaam if: "How do you say? Go together with me? Go together with me??

If smilingly says,install: "OK? "OK??

He Tian opens him door to go up first, fall next next glazing, say to An Re: "Come up. "Come up..

Two people in all a car.

He Tianxian sends An Re to come home.

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