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The 7th chapter accompanies me to have a东莞狼友蒲友论坛

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" always numerous star is in the sky " song of Lin Zui plum / , this chapter in all 3080 words, update at: 2019-09-06 17:00

On Xiao Yi treasure tall 3 when, just was on winter vocation, xiao Yi treasure of mention lightly said to Di Yinuo, I should go film, surname looks at him complexly according to Nuo mood, priggish Xiao Yi treasure, let her some fear ' you became mad, you will be about in June next year the university entrance exam! '

' do not have method, the life that it is me plans ' certainly the smile with light tone, rangdiyinuo also looks not to show the girl before again, is recreational group his life plan? That movie that his ginseng performs is very successful, also let Xiao Yi treasure the costar with this show not much share has his moment overnight. One mix commonly act in a play the high school that does not touch by the side of is unripe, be being behaved really in this film is too give prize, also be to be able to be encircled on acting can nod, plus handsome appearance, the disposition of sunshine, let Xiao Yi treasure show itself in recreational group, all sorts of acting character, advertisement comes in great numbers, xiao Yi treasure also signed 9 actually. Want to know, xiao Yi treasure is worth at that time tall 3, the coming year is about the university entrance exam, the teachers of Xiao Yi treasure worry for him, one tastes the child that learns to hold actor concurrently to be in actually so below the study pressure of high strenth, winter vacation chooses to go actually film, do not know why to be like assist treasure still has so strange idea. Teachers are guessing how to can plan after Xiao Yi treasure, art one's deceased father had gone, xiao Yi treasure goes studying a performance unlikely also, if ask for leave all the time,go out, the university entrance exam still does not know to be able to take an examination of a good university, consider achievement of Xiao Yi treasure very good all the time, also do not fight you not to learn all the time, teachers also do not know how to should be persuaded, see Xiao Yi treasure comes to the office to ask for leave every time, bemoan sound always is incessant Yu Er. The teacher of Xiao Yi treasure is sad, the outside opinionses vary to his style or manner of writing, originally very outstanding child, piece performed a film to be confused went up recreational group, dot is not to hide to cross temptation after all; Xiao Yi treasure is ambitious child absolutely, since can take recreational group, does that boil the university entrance exam again why? Without record of formal schooling, in recreation the circle is waited for long also be to waste time nevertheless, transitory; So small want to come recreational group scoops up gold, the teenager is really what think all these is too simple.

Doubt sound increases ceaselessly, di Yinuo sees those are commented on, cannot help sneer, his extraction is unapt still scoop up gold so early to recreational group, his outstanding also your imagination does not get. But she knows those people outside,do not know however. Best proof is Xiao Yi him treasure proves him, the buckish becloud that everybody thinks Xiao Yi treasure is encircled by recreation when, xiao Yi treasure went attending the university entrance exam, everybody thinks he can lose out for certain what to take an examination of to return the school, hit into recreational group next when going all out, xiao Yi treasure is taken an examination of attended college of first of A city rank, rank first major, the achievement of the university entrance exam that also can guess Xiao Yi treasure with respect to the person that calculates outside of unjust cloth place is it is good to have many.

The his successful person that lets those oppugn him closed the mouth, the behavior of Xiao Yi treasure tells the outside haughtily those peripheral people, I can take the motion picture, I also can take ad, learn me to be able to learn, I also can attend the college, my life is I said to calculate, what those gesticulating is OK shut up. After the first film is patted, the company signed him, xiao Yi treasure did not choose those big companies, the autograph was in a small company that just started, the contract is simple, oneself are freer also, a lot of things are Xiao Yi him treasure said to calculate, the arrangement on time should cooperate his schooltime in the school. After the notice that receives an university, company sent small Bo Gongxi for a short while he, he makes the central point on small gain again, let him that encircle a vermicelli made from bean starch again, firm the characteristic that this word may be Xiao Yi treasure, acting is composed, disposition is not coxcombical, do not cry criterion already amaze the people with a single brilliant feat, clear business is unwell use however with what say those who do, control part this side is very steady also, earned recreation to encircle the look of numerous director. Mature acting, outstanding appearance, kiss mixed nature, just remuneration, let directors have to his favour undoubtedly add. The disposition of the Xiao Yi treasure in camera lens is not his real look, his heart is him himself truly, disposition is camouflage, but heart sincere.

No matter what do,he is to cherish passion heart to do, do not be perfunctory, not be one's previous experience of regular professional training but he can learn, the talent that has a show but also should rely on oneself acquired effort, the university returns necessary job 4 years besides his school work, xiao Yi treasure will be very serious go attending performance class, actor's lines class, the each Nian Xiaoyi treasure of the university can give in a perfect examination paper, annual film of a high quality. The below one second that at first a lot of people are waiting for him can fall from altitude, cannot think of however, every below one second of Xiao Yi treasure is solid Shi Ji, xiao Yi treasure had encircled firm quietly to occupy 10 years in recreation, heat is not decreased as before, appeal force as before very strong, at first that small company is expanded to rise by what he takes.

Di Yinuo believes he is possible all the time, what the thing that wants him to want to do to big as a child can finish is very good, he is very clever, but clever backside also is him,try hard ceaselessly, since her know Xiao Yi treasure goes film, she what all along does not like to stay up late sits before the window in the evening everyday, waiting for Xiao Yi treasure to come home, the fit together perfectly that the curtain pulls, di Yinuo is lifted among them one horn, bend over to look at the room of the bright light opposite side on windowsill, it is tired really occasionally open do not open his eyes, bent over to be asleep on windowsill. To observe Xiao Yi treasure is in a room specific action, di Yinuo still bought a binoculars, sit leisurely before the window, surveillance removed Xiao Yi treasure, every time Xiao Yi treasure returns a room, di Yinuo can see Xiao Yi treasure with binoculars, he returns a room is not to sleep, come to the front of desk however, learn! Di Yinuo very bear the blame waiting for knock off of Xiao Yi treasure, on the record the time of light-off, before dawn a bit, the time before dawn that climbs early to record Xiao Yi treasure to get up at 5 o'clock. Day of every Morpheus of about 4 hours, di Yinuo that winter vacation is badly off heart, work from dawn to night does an individual by day is a pair of dejected about, the Xiao Yi treasure that cans be imagined to take one day sport even is to have many tired! Di Hui week is returned in thinking because want,she is, take an examination of, mood angst just all the day so decadent, occupied do not have a thing say to taking her to go out to travel, loosen the mood, every time this moment Di Yinuo can remember the Xiao Yi treasure on, the rejects him mother proposal of Yi Zhengyan demit answers room study.

The title of emperor of shadow of Xiao Yi treasure is in he is 24 years old when, xiao Yi treasure depends on alarm bandit kind the film, took the name of shadow emperor, also become little to his controversy, antagonistic mood also becomes little, more is praised yes, it is complimentary. Of Xiao Yi treasure growing is Di Yinuo's forward momentum and example undoubtedly, there is so outstanding person beside his, di Yinuo all the time very proud. She and her pride, as the addition of the age, meeting chance is less and less also, because of working relation, xiao Yi treasure is met rarely Jing Xinyuan, di Yinuo sees he also is to be on screen likely, up to now, let what Di Yinuo cannot forget to also do not want to forget meet, the likelihood is him big of 2 that. Di Yinuo does not have evensong that evening, wear with roommate go for a walk go to what the fastfood street of school north door buys a dot to eat, fastfood market moved the person can become very much in the evening, voice is big also, business reputation yelp, all sorts of sound, noisy intertexture is together. Have some of harsh environment so, it is one of places that the undergraduate here likes most however, delicious not expensive price is substantial, article varied, how can like. When considering to have the ice-cream ball of which kinds of taste, the mobile phone that Di Yinuo feels him is in shake, whole journey is wanting those who want chocolate to wearing is still is sweetgrass flavour, noticing at all is the telephone call that who makes, official mood receives a telephone call ' hello, hello '

' are you in which? ' this sound has some of familiar to the ear, di Yinuo puts away the mobile phone from side side, saw an incoming telegram show, one is like a word, the phone of Xiao Yi treasure! Although know this name has Xiao Yi treasure for certain,people cries, but be received by accident by other to avoid a mobile phone, possible still meeting mocks the incident such as her meaning excessive, she gives Xiao Yi treasure remarks one is like, said to the mobile phone ' you wait ' the signal abandoning friend that follows oneself next, will to compare kosher place to pick up the telephone.

' a moment ago made a noise a bit, what do you say, I did not hear ' Nuo mood puts Diyi to be mixed gently a moment ago polarity, feel present he resemble is one comes contact.

' you how? Sound how suddenly decrescent ' Xiao Yi treasure asks questioningly, a moment ago that carries the mobile phone to disturb him to want to call up, become extremely quiet again now, very the bell of mobile phone colour that what him suspicion a moment ago heard is Di Yinuo.

' but you star greatly, I abandon the vermicelli made from bean starch that friend is you, do not say you talk, calculate you to cough she can listen coming out is you, I must be nodded carefully of course ' have a cerebral damage white that abandoning friend is Xiao Yi treasure, wanting how to sleep to male god everyday, when she and Xiao Yi treasure call or chatting every time so, di Yinuo feels he resembles is a spy, and it is special not professional the sort of!

' I learn school gate mouth in you, accompany me to have a meal ' Xiao Yi treasure is good today cast off dog young not easily to still have bastard meal, hui Jingxin traded a vehicle by the side of Yuan Na, drive car comes to A gate mouth. Xiao Yi treasure hears Di Yinuo's voice, whole person is loosened come down, close double eye to lean on the back of the chair, all around car window lock, isolated of the outside blatant, side side remains Di Yinuo's cautious inquiry tone only

' do you learn school gate mouth in us? ' Di Yinuo's subliminal past doorway way looks, presumably at the door the north that he also won't appear in person so much ' you can come boreal door, I am being bought at the door north eat ' Di Yinuo all along is obedient listen to half, attention is centered completely in me to learn school gate mouth in you, oversight accompany me to have a meal 4 words, hear hum of the other side, di Yinuo says again ' you arrived to send a message to me ' .

Hanged a phone, return the roommates that buying ice-cream beside, what the dot feels embarrassed say

' I have a friend to look for me, I did not follow you one case '

' friend, won't be a boy friend? '

' still hiding we pick up the telephone, it is a boy friend for certain! '

' no wonder, student chairman does not chase after you, be to have a boy friend so, from solid speak '

Di Yinuo is had to nod hurry-scurry by what they say, do not know how to explain again ' I do not have a boy friend, it is a relation better hair is small, you are not told in disorder! '

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