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The first chapter, dare not forget not to have the courage t

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" her litchi is talktive " Yuan Na Jiusai / , this chapter in all 3219 words, update at: 2020-04-14 18:43

Fall in love with a person, although did not love finally, I also hope he can be living, get alive well, the love hate that is me those years finds a place, look for an a home to return to. - An Ge

The wind nip September is wrapping one share hot meaning, those who blow the Wen Wen on the body is quite comfortable, the French phoenix tree of street edge is lush and green do not look to come out age. An orange resembles ethereal Yun Gong one piece extremely the cloud that the immortal drives, illuminate is in the Yu Hui of setting sun river city one in the reflex on vermeil door gives dazzling light. Of the cold and cheerless before the door, a few uncle shake cattail leaf fan to play chess in the tree, there still is the form in a white to offend an eye all the more on the side.

The form that wipes white then is very the girl with poor fine, very white concealed can see her skin about the blood-vessel of green purple, the ooze before snow-white forehead is worn close sweat, shock brow all the more heroic spirit, of the Qing Lingling of a pair of apricot eyes of line is only inside some more inarticulate imply, forceful bridge of the nose is smooth add color of region of a few minutes of different, lip closely close lightly is worn, the long hair that reachs a waist is windblown some are messy.

The ground of vermeil gate terrified terrified before Li Ange looks at an eye silently is abstracted, the uncle of play chess does not look to cross an eye to remind favorably on the side: "Girl, had not classessed are over now, this high school is in charge of can father, do not let enter. Do not let enter..

"I know, I just look " she is answered lightly, the hand that just holding skirt tightened some of face about to go more, her pace is hurried, escaped to leave commonly.

This is Li Ange the 5th from river city run away before medium door, here is the best place in her memory previously, but after Liu Li is dead, here becomes forbidden area, carry must not, unspeakable, read aloud to be not gotten.

Her infer he, even if be soul it may not be a bad idea, one year is lain between when, she is unripe in this year those who be inferior to dead is living, fail to dream of him however.

Liu Li is dead that day, rain is very big, resembling is to want a whole world capsize, the suicide dies, with the means that resolutelies in that way, die in frozen in November Jiang Shui, obviously well came back from the United States, why to choose such way, why to feel oneself died, she can well living.

Love him? Love, if loved him to should go together with him, can resemble how now such drag out an ignoble existence; Do not love, if do not love, she is so old who waiting for, so old who is those who cannot forget.

It is Liu Li, thinking, reading aloud, loving, it is him. So, after he is dead, those who complain is him, strange is him, of hate also is him.

Before feeling returns a year in November, she reads the first year when grind in Xining university, the graduate student of top class institution of higher learning, future but period, life is complacent.

Rain is great that day, she did not carry an umbrella as before, holding a book in the arms to move back and forth in pluvial act, people will go hurried, she is idle front courtyard stroll, resembling is to not be afraid of get wet in the rain.

Actually, when raining only, she just can admit she has many to miss Liu Li, admit to have to Sun Wen how envious, jealousy arrives crazy. That schoolboy maintained umbrella of a year for her, the rain that let her drench 4 years later.

"Li Ange, liu Li died. Liu Li died..

When Sun Wen phone is called, she is brushing a hair in the dormitory, the phone was not hanged drop to the ground to go up, breath is hurried, do not pant to go up, throat resembling is be worn by person clutch, say not to come out word.

She wants to ask Sun Wen is joking, it is to enrage her, liu Li is well, however a word is spat do not come out.

The hand that taking a mobile phone shakes ceaseless, she used systemic effort to make her sober, dehisce is biting his arm, the purpose uses aching him calm.

When her shiver begins that string know sth thoroughly when the number at the heart stirs the past, a busy tone is on.

Won't, he beautifuls woman in side, the career has, how to meet, won't, obviously before see not bad good, it is Sun Wen is joking certainly, it is certainly.

She is shaking a hand to dial the telephone Song Yang, very fast get through, "Song Yang, sun Wen says, land leaves him "

That two words are circled between tine from the back, be difficult to bring the matter up, the male voice opposite side is grave, "It is true, an Ge. An Ge..

One's voice in speech just fell, an Ge's shout is transmitted on, resemble azalea caw blood, sad and shrill hurt feeling, "An Ge, I went up in the road, you first sober, I arrive very quickly. I arrive very quickly..

That day, she answered Hanjiang city with Song Yang, see image of a body his male cadaver, countenance has damage, for injury of place of river bottom block, the skin is in water of bubble hoar.

See Liu Li commit suicide from monitoring, that day in the morning at 5 o'clock, from Hanjiang Qiaoshangyi is jumped and fall, do not see a hesitation.

He writes in posthumous papers: "Life and death does not have dread, what consider the person that reads aloud, everything is all good, my world on foot takes night, do not see light, should insist to destroy at once, do not have courage again, darkness floods me, natural disposition is cool thin, flesh and blood kisses affection, the predestined relationship is used up hereat, read aloud one person only, it is improper thought eventually like that. It is improper thought eventually like that..

She fails to lift that calico from beginning to end, the ring that gets off on the hand, what she sends is present of high school graduation, lie in that, the A that is her leaves, at the moment one black, lose consciousness.

The following day, his father finds Li Ange, give the something before Liu Lisheng her, more than 100 correspondence and picture, still have company stock of Liu Li, give her, same day, of group of land family name steer a boat person land hard gold announces to resign all posts, the company will be handed in entirely by professional handler.

That middleaged person sheds next tears before her, "It is I force he leaves in those days, I think he goes to the United States treating a disease, did not think of to still fail finally tarry he, my son, he loves you very much, love you even than what you imagine probably. Love you even than what you imagine probably..

She is holding those correspondence in the arms, not Mian endlessly, seal look, relapse instead answer look, nearly mad demon, those pictures, it is her, in those days her, her present, each pieces go up to writing true love 2 words.

Song Yang sees her spirit is discrepant, the psychological doctor Xu Ye that looked for Liu Li will see her.

Xu Ye tells her bitterly, so old, she is the power that Liu Lijian holds all the time, actually in those days Liu Li without a word leave, it is to go to abroad treating a disease, he has division of serious depressed illness, spirit and obstacle of affection sex spirit, fail two years ago heal goes back to the motherland will see her, commit suicide later abortive, be brought back forcibly the United States, did not think of to come back this, he chose to die.

She is hoarse voice, "Once destroy,should hold to, do not have courage again, darkness floods me, what meaning? What meaning??

Xu Ye did not see her, the eyes falls on the ring on her hand, some are astonished, be leave that with land exactly like ring, sweethearts is right Buddhist monastic discipline, he thinks all the time, liu Li loses nerve, be she does not love him probably.

"The spring 2016, you read aloud big 3, he goes back to the motherland see you, you everything is all good, he does not wish to disturb, want to defending you silently, at that time, you misunderstand he and Sun Wen, begin to hiding him, avoiding he. Avoiding he..

"At this moment, su Xun appears, brilliant and cheesy, it is to if,be inspected more to you jewellery, in other people eye, you are a perfect match between a man and a girl, inherent a pair. His heart lays cowardly idea, tell again inorganic meeting oneself, went to the Tibetan ground that once agreed with you alone. Went to the Tibetan ground that once agreed with you alone..

"You are knowable, he went, did not think the move is living, encounter the Sun Wen of collect folk songs in that however, sun Wen saved him. Sun Wen saved him..

"When I and land uncle arrive, he already did not have half life, I say with him, you still wait for him to go back in Hanjiang city, he just grabbed half life to come back from Hades hand. He just grabbed half life to come back from Hades hand..

"We take him forcibly went to the United States, he does not agree to cooperate, rely on to hit tranquillizer ability to accept treatment everyday, last to September so, he begins suddenly however to cooperate us, raised a requirement only, he says to want to see you. He says to want to see you..

"All the time since, he never has said to seek a word to land uncle, also had not taken soft, see you to can come back, his genuflect puts him to go back to the motherland in the father that he begs on the ground, it is infer only your one side, but this one side forfeited his life. But this one side forfeited his life..

"Cough cough " , thorax resembling is to want scamper to drop, the line of sight is ambiguous, she has lost sight of Xu Ye's face, temporal do not suffer pilot to beat, have a headache be about to crack, "Did not see, I still fail to see him. I still fail to see him..

The girl before bursts into tears, the likelihood is to have a headache, pulling oneself long hair, haemorrhage is bitten on labellum, eye red swollen, like a drowned mouse. Xu Ye pulls a laugh that shows satirize slightly, "He has made a telephone call to you, you close machine, he is hit excellent in, your mother says you had had a boy friend, one's words is sharp, hope he is not called again. Hope he is not called again..

"I think he can abandon at this point originally, do not think however, he is to hold to so. That evening, I accompany him to go to your school looking for you, you abandon friend to say, you have a meal outside with your boy friend, liu Li was in your dormitory to wait for two hours downstairs with me, later is Su Xun sends you, he did not see you, our the same night hurrieds back Hanjiang city, he begins silent, not character not language. Not character not language..

"After two days, he committed suicide. He committed suicide..

She and Su Xun do not pass common friend, su Xun puts love to her heart, ever also had shown again and again, reject several times not to have fruit hind, she chooses go-by, the party that evening is sectional party originally, go thinking of Su Xun also is in, stem from courtesy to send her to answer a dormitory, do not think Liu Li is misunderstood so far.

Affairs of human life is variable, the destiny gets a person, it is she kills Liu Li dead secondhand actually, she is opening that Shuang Yougong swollen eye, ask Xu Ye, "Can have he ever blamed me? "Can have he ever blamed me??

"Never, he loves you very much, he says to hope you can well living. He says to hope you can well living..

When be being faced, xu Ye touchs her hair, "Came back from your school that day, he says you are for the long hair that he just wears, he says he fails to be felt well, true regrettablly ah, calculate me to had been felt for him today, an Ge, this is the alternative that land leaves him, do not have with the person blame. Do not have with the person blame..

Morrow, pan Jie from breathe out city hurrieds back, clank manhood cries choke up with sobs, complain to having in her heart, song Yang follows Liu Ning for company she. Her parents knew later, come over to see her, she asks about at that time that phone, the mother is ashamed regret completely in the eye in person, stopped, it is an eyes only, she the be clear in the heart.

She dare not attend even Liu Li's funeral, answered the school alone, all day in a state of anxiety, move Hanjiang city again finally, returned she and him last contact place.

"Young lady, how walk, careful car "

The driver's sound pullbacks her on the side reality, street edge rainbow twinkles, at night Hanjiang city as before blatant unceasingly, what be apart from Liu Li right now is dead already full 286 days.

The choice after Liu Li is dead is cremated, fall personally Hanjiang, fetch puts in native place 's charge, she cannot find him, taking the anguish with ashamed long regret with respect to this so, because she dare not die, dare not see subterranean he, what can resemble drag out an ignoble existence of ants and mole crickets only is living.

Curtain of night arrives, the night delivered cool wind, skirt foot of An Ge by wind slightly raise, she stands in roadside to provoke wave, a taxi stops in her before.

"Hello, go? Go??

"Go Hanjiang bridge "

Curved month mirrors on river side, shake ah shake, the river is underwater acoustic appear some rapidder in the late evening, jiang Shui is flapping Hanjiang bridge, aquatic is flourish all the more, not famous bug sound comes out inside. Li Ange's silent station is on the bridge, hearing sound of underwater acoustic, bug, Che Di voice.

"Liu Li, I will see you, I think you very much. I think you very much..

"Liu Li, my infer you. My infer you..

"Liu Li, I love you. I love you..

"Liu Li, . . . . . . ..

Originally book head hair comes from17K novel net, read original content for a short while!

The author sends word: I am bud new, just want to share oneself opinion to everybody, ask great support.

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