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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 2401 words, update at: 2019-07-08 08:25

Gold times remand Shen Xueyin essence garden, oneself come home by the bus. Shut-eye sleeps the following day in the morning, pull open a curtain, outside the window as before the scene with a calm peace. The people below party and ** protection need not consider materiality to concern warlike topic, "People " what need to do, go at this time namely toilet washs a face to brush one's teeth, change the dress that before last class should wear next, go the sitting room has a meal.

Gold the mom of times is with gold times euqally stout woman, east city person, father is an other place, the relation that with gold times mother gets married just arranges benefit settle and this at that time. Gold times in the home, positional can compares a princess. Satiate drink sufficient, father comes out from the kitchen, will wrap carry to her come over. Gold times the package that has accepted oneself, be perfectly satisfied goes out.

Just went out, gold that pairs of times easy interest did not have, look at watch, after seeing the time above, start running gallops. Run at the same time grouse at the same time, old father old Mom finds a place for the house so that leave Beijing way also too far bit. Although house first some, but since only daughter had sought present job, should also go the house proper place move one move right incorrect?

Drive forth desperately, overtake the bus that just wants eventually, midway still changed one regular bus, just go to Beijing next road. Just arrived at the door school, the phone noise in the pocket rises. Gold times draw out skill machine to look, song Shijun is hit. She runs inside past school at the same time, receive electrify sentence at the same time, cry greatly: "Hello! "Hello!!

Song Shijun's sound very languid is lazy, the preparation before listen even if just sitting in table has a meal, the mind when both neither resembles just getting up is not clear, also had not gone out so decisive and spell able.

"Fatso, had you gone to work? Had you gone to work??

Gold times had been used to her to oneself such appellation, the edge walks along an edge to say: "That of course, it who has you is so good that who has you life, still be at that time in the home, carefree contented prepares to have a meal on the horse. Carefree contented prepares to have a meal on the horse..

The time in the morning, to anybody be Jin Gui, song Shijun also not talk in a roundabout way, come straight to the point says: "Ask you a thing, shen Xueyin had divorced with He Tian, ? ??

Gold times say: "You just know, thing of several days. Thing of several days..

This ability believes Song Shijun, say: "Just took aim on report of finance and economics, constant distant general manager divorces suddenly, course of study is internal guess his body home is met shrink how many. " when she says this word, morning paper of one portion bank river is in with respect to booth before. What report considerably above that is current east the economic form of the city. World female before long before be pounded by public opinion, the form goes low, the case is strong just a bit just, day of Hengyuan's industrial general manager congratulate divorced again. He Tian is the cornstalk of congratulate listen wind, area of big an ancient name for China masters in the hand total of each company stock 20% the left and right sides. If be divided by ex-wife,take the word of the half, not only He Tian can become young partner, him wind of the listen that connect congratulate can be affected.

Gold times know Song Shijun is to care He Tian sincerely, but, be opposite according to her Song Shijun's understanding, inside incident of divorce of Shenyang snow chant, song Shijun did not know to give how many power, instantly is cold sneer: "The lion, we are a friend. The friend does not say hypocritical word. If you care He Tian's word really, the life to him should be blessed sincerely. No matter he married, still did not marry, his interest, should be the interest with your highest heart. Should be the interest with your highest heart..

Song Shijun is taking a telephone call, the body is subliminal sit, rhetorical question: "Do you say this word what meaning? "Do you say this word what meaning??

"Yourself thinks, " it is not quite good that gold is enraged times times, the very hard replies: "You call now come, be to want accusing who? Shen Xueyin is not sensible, is the property that should divide He Tian right incorrect? " , say: "Truth tells you, shen Xueyin originally a minute of money does not want to take, it is He Tianjiao must I am sorry only she, gave her 5 million ready money, the house with Changchun road just. You also know, these money, to the world female for the childe, it is a drop in the sea at all, no wonder. The cloud of body home shrink of the congratulate general manager that says as to you, that is the thing with afraid not need. That is the thing with afraid not need..

Intuition of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty loosened at a heat, say: "That is good. " hear the gold that transmits in the phone of times sneer, mention again for attention: "I this also is come to those who consider an issue from overall situation, although cloud of world female cloud and I do not have a relation, but, if congratulate day encounters difficulty accordingly really, calculate me to not be him anxious, he Ningxi always wants insecurity. It is Ning Xi to consider, you also should feel happy Shen Xueyin just took the room of 5 million He Jinghua garden, right incorrect? Right incorrect??

Gold times sneer bazoo: "You are little transfer a topic to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial. "You are little transfer a topic to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial..

Song Shijun sighed gently.

Gold times listen go out to increase relaxation interest more among them, say immediately: "You this won't be about to take action now. Chant of person Shenyang snow just divorces just, are you pulling his husband to perform old affection the play code of resume combustion? The lion, not be I say you, waited full 5 years, also do not care to wait for month of one or two more again, the family sentiment delay such as anyhow comes over to say again. Besides, " she thinks, turn the topic says: "Congratulate general manager also not likely can eat later careless ah. Family now can be east the Wang Laowu of gold bachelor diamond with hot city, you are again fierce, also have a plenty of able person and you to make ring. Also have a plenty of able person and you to make ring..

Gnash says Song Shijun: "Golden fatso, are you little disgraceful I? Are you little disgraceful I??

Gold times shaking a head to say to the phone: "I am disgraceful you, how ah? Unless you get Rao Ren to be in and Rao Ren, even if go afresh accost congratulate day, I just do not follow your plan. I just do not follow your plan..

Song Shijun enrages so that cry: "Do not say with you! " phone hang up.

Gold times looking at what show on screen " communicate end " model of written characters, be indifferent to alarm one alarm shoulder.

Song Shijun goes to work one day this in Ming Rui, time is uneasy. Of the confused in brain, drawing did not come out to calculate, what is conversation said the half can forget the content below oneself, also meet on foot indescribable bump to the table, pour coffee repeatedly, also forgetting boiled water is put ceaselessly, warmed oneself hand finally, coffee also was aspersed, coffee cup breaks a few. Work in the same placing look in the eye, eristic in succession. Afternoon, song Shijun was made go to the office by young lady of chief inspector king.

Miss He of the office says: "Spring the paragraph was about to appear on the market, your graph also was not finished to today. What I want to remind you is, costume market competition is very intense, have a bit inadvertent, because lack a constituency,the brand that just founds is met and collapse. Your SKY, autumn winter money sells well, I do not hope below one season sells difference suddenly. I do not hope below one season sells difference suddenly..

Song Shijun says repeatedly " I am sorry " , get the permission of Miss Wang next, quit the office.

Nevertheless, even so, just also let her be in apparently a few more smooth and steady just. The time that come off work has not arrived, she is taken begin the pen above to clear the table and blueprint. Waiting to came at 5 o'clock, she carries a bag immediately, division of office of rapid rush out of.

On the road, she a few 3 telephone calls that want to dial He Tian, but, fear his refus is received, lose the chance that oneself can communicate with him instead. Song Shijun wants to go presumably, still barred finally a car, to Heng Yuan. Until constant is far, time still is less than at 6 o'clock. To He Tian according to her the appraise of working state is measured, at that time, the possibility that He Tian leaves a company is not large. Come, he Tiangang just divorced, if have this is likely, he can arrange himself to work overtime in the company as far as possible. 2 come, the time that have a meal is commonly after 6:30, at that time, he Tian calculates the dinner party also can be nodded behindhand set out again.

Car altogether of He Tian has 3, a8L of black Ao Di, brunet Lanbojiniaiwendu and MZ8 of BMW of edition of silvery white set limit to, before one is official business uses a car, go commonly business is before opening this car to send him by the driver, go. Hind two are private driving racing bike, in these two cars any one comes out, state he is to come home private perhaps incident goes out row.

Song Shijun stands in the doorway to wait. Wait ah wait, eventually the car that she should wait for comes out from inside -- it is brunet Aiwendu. Song Shijun is fond of in the heart, fly to jump out personally immediately, bar before the car.

He Tian was frightened in the car jump greatly, step on brake hastily, aiwendu halts in time. Other is forward bend bend, after restoring normality, jockey get off.

Song Shijun special jubilate, run before him.

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