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" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 6580 words, update at: 2017-09-17 08:41

The United States becomes coffee outside, on footpath, a girl that is carrying satchel on the back runs quickly rapidly.

She is combing horsetail plait, full forehead and stereo facial features are exposed entirely come out, face of egg of a piece of goose, curve of skin Bai Xi is beautiful, so delicate that do not carry give a bit weakness. Wearing the turtleneck sweater jacket of recreational money, pants of pencil of a baby blue draws the outline of the line with big long straight leg.

Head on and the young boy that come can be attracted, the look follows her not self-consciously to run.

Enter coffee office, yanzhi was born to be stupefied even with respect to not small young service originally, passed to meet, just hit laugh in the bottom of the heart, kind ask: "Excuse me, what can help you? What can help you??

The girl's sound already melting ringing: "I look for a lady, grow particularly beautifully, she is gone to about here, with young professor talks about a thing. With young professor talks about a thing..

"A lady, a man, be? Be??

"Yes. "Yes..

The service is unripe want, reach her area between a bag before.

The girl first ear relies on on the door to listen, abrupt, two slender Hei Mei instigate come.

Su Ming Yue is in this balcony. The Luo Zhibin of new accreditation will explained auroral lab before He Tianzhi his word, one by one report: "Ms. Su, he Jiao awards can serious consideration and golden deer model boss collaboration matters concerned. But, he Jiao awards an individual to think the requirement that raise is: The first, the capital about Jin Lu is formed, he does not hope to Ms. Su appears in partner your name. Not only Ms. Su her lady, your gentleman, or the child that is you, can not become Jin Lu's partner. Once disobey, group of scientific research of annulus of smooth kinetic energy He Jinlu break down everything cooperates. The 2nd, although a head of this matter, it is by Ms. Su you pass gentleman of wind of He Ling of president of division of big an ancient name for China of world female group Professor Xiang He to put forward. But, subsequently thing, congratulate professor thinks, ms. Su does not want again many mouth, much insert bout hand. " last paragraphs of word most injure a person, luo Zhibin just entered auroral lab before long, the heart is done not have so hard, but, he Tian is early had explained, want a lab to send him to mix only " Su Ming Yue " talk about a thing, this word, must say.

"That, ms. Su, " Luo Zhibin beat became sufficient courage, if explaining all He Tian to him reveal everything: "Without giving thought to what phase, intervene whose family, it is disgraceful. Gentleman of congratulate listen wind nowadays conjugal love of husband and wife, filial complete in both respects, the family is very perfect. Even if what had had to go, he is early put down, suggest you also should be put down. And if not was in the past, want possibly now what to produce however, congratulate professor wants to say last to you: Wake up to and avoid danger at the last moment! Wake up to and avoid danger at the last moment!!

The door by open suddenly, the girl rushs, grab the coffee on the desk is spilled in Luo Zhibin to go up personally.

"Close your foul mouth! " her goggle at a pair of beautiful eyes, gnash.

Su Ming Yue ate one Jing, pull her: "Small skin of the bamboo, how do you come? " just wanted to explain, face of skin of the bamboo of poem of the Song Dynasty is angry red: "Mom, how can you let this individual such unbridled humiliate you? " say to Luo Zhibin later: "I no matter what are you the son of president of division of world female big an ancient name for China, or east big heavy gold invites golden abroad professor, before conversation, want to go out this morning first, brush his teeth well. Why to grow the sample of a pair of person obviously, speak out be person word completely however? Speak out be person word completely however??

Luo Zhibin is gotten to heat up sweat by growl, lose heart. Obviously by the person of bedabble dress it is him, but, he feels unluckily be in the wrong. Guilty be discouraged leaves a place, edge make a bow with hands folded in front to mother and daughter of Su Ming Yue: "I am sorry, I am sorry. " the eye sees rush into come this girl get up on one's hind legs, go taking the 2nd cup of coffee again, frighten under, cry, seize the door and go.

Song Shijun pauses coffee on the desk, in a huff " bah " readily: "What, courage is so small, still dare say those are blamed a moment ago word. Still dare say those are blamed a moment ago word..

"He is not He Tian! " Su Ming Yue mouth sighed, spit hold back in the word in throat eventually come.

Song Shijun one terrified: "Not be He Tian, why to say those with you? Why to say those with you??

"It is He Tian accreditation comes, " here, su Ming Yue is deep feeling first, catch disappointed, last look is bleak, look is worn daughter of grown already adult, say, "Money is inferior to a person, social class also is inferior to a person. Unluckily occupied beg, hear these words, it what have again is good to what have again say? It what have again is good to what have again say??

Beautiful eyebrow frown removes Song Shijun: "Me anyway pharynx does not leave such energy of life! "Me anyway pharynx does not leave such energy of life!!

Su Ming Yue make concessions to avoid trouble: "Calculated, come home with Mom. Come home with Mom..

According to the disposition of Su Ming Yue, participate in any projects of Jin Lu without the plan originally. But, that fellow passes He Tian unexpectedly the mouth of others, say those words to her, song Shijun of 16 years old returns the home, holding father a surname in both hands to add the meal with the appetizing desk on Sen Duan, not feel like eating; Lie in soft, warmth on warm bed, sleep to be not worn!

He Tian ends all today's jobs, come to a parking lot. Find a vehicle, press the lock bolts. Light shined, he believes a hand to pull open the door of driver's seat.

There is a person unexpectedly on driver's seat!

He Tian stays outside the door.

Good a little while, he just mutters speak a word: "Hunan, , sagacious? "Hunan, , sagacious??

Also the age with respect to 16 years old, the look that a pair of pupil shoot Chu Zhengzhe is very keen. Beautiful type is playing a small sabre on the hand, insert toward wind suddenly, seem to want to commit suicide like, frighten cry in fear of aphonia of the day that get a surname.

"Not! "Not!!

Fix eyes on one look, he is nevertheless put the penknife into erect the scabbard in the pocket.

"Preparation came home, be? " Chu Zhengzhe stretchs his hand to deputy driver's seat: "That is entered please! " He Tian was not moved, he stimulates will: "Be afraid of? "Be afraid of??

" be afraid of " word, hit soft costal region of He Tian as expected.

Congratulate day complexion one cold, circle deputy driver's seat at once, open the door sit.

Side by side and sit, the pressure that comes from Yu Chuzheng sagacious is not little. Congratulate day surface is maintaining inhospitality and calm, heart " phut phut phut " jump very closely.

The car runs quickly on road, go up first high speed, be in again new wild over there after coming down, chu Zhengzhe just starts to talk to say to him: "I am brought up in hematic shadow hall in one's childhood, you know? " cannot get He Tian respond, he considers oneself say: "What blackness is sinister I had seen. Was cut eyelid, next him look by one knife one knife vivid cut such thing, I had looked. But, never had encountered like you such. Never had encountered like you such..

The car had entered hill, xiang Yazhu opens the road road sign that go to make clear, but, he gets on car abduct a new way, next, open more invisible signs of human habitation more.

Finally, on a clearing that Chu Zhengzhe parks the car in mountain line turning many, hung up P archives, pull hand stop, sidelong glance says to He Tian: "Let Ning Xi be far from me not only, still let your father be far from his old love stoutly, in the meantime, the aide that sends you goes warning, humiliate cries that ' Su Ming Yue ' woman, and yourself flows to be in repeatedly however of the schoolgirl in adoring, interact with them -- these, it is the business that your congratulate professor does one by one, right incorrect? Right incorrect??

"Your hardship dogs my so much day, right incorrect, still reply with me? Still reply with me??

Chu Zhengzhe touched a soft nail, raise a hand to come, pat gently, "Bang bang bang " , was over, he sneers: "Very wonderful ah very wonderful, are you afraid of Nemesis? Are you afraid of Nemesis??

"Did the soldier's sword that carries with you kill me? "Did the soldier's sword that carries with you kill me??

Chu Zhengzhe by He Tian the 2 eye squint, attitude that distains to be considered is exasperate, pull out penknife, the top is on congratulate day neck: "Do not think I not dare! "Do not think I not dare!!

The penknife with congratulate day bright look at sb disdainfully: "A the dead does not have so good processing, even if you cast me to cliff to fall, want to little trace stays only, police can find you. Police can find you..

"If my what trace does not stay? " Chu Zhengzhe tooth is bitten together closely.

4 eye are opposite, he Tian does not have the meaning of concede from beginning to end.

Bai Guang shines, small knife is called in. Chu Zhengzhe launchs a car, hang reverse, step on the gas, after two meters are being exited after car quickness, abrupt, archives of his conversion drive a vehicle, accelerator walks after all.

That one instant that car in the future retreats, he Tian thinks of what to can produce next. He special astonish while, rapid him come loose safety belt. When car instead advancing mode, have short time stand. Capture this brief halt, he is pulled open step the door that vacates right. Stride Teng Feng same forth leap up, tremendous inertial the body that drives him to attack outside. After congratulate day touchdown, the body does not suffer control to roll toward cliff direction.

A hand is about to drop in him cliff when pull him.

Then, he Tian sees Zhang Yunting's face.

Zhang Yunting pulls Hetian to refuge, what does He Tian remember, hands or feet is used, climb cliff on the side. See that is stridden only vacate a macula is changed in eye shot, not a little while, posse blaze rises to be by cliff.

"Chu Zhengzhe -- " He Tiannan Nan read aloud. Zhang Yunting look is like report, pointing to on the side: "Childe, you look. " down him the way of finger looks the past, on the cliff that sees naked only, the person with a general and acute apes and monkeys, climbing hill rock, rapid and lightsome, ascend the hilltop of on another direction.

Zhang Yunting takes out a portable binoculars, hand He Tian.

He Tian is being taken look, after ascending cliff, go to designedly here that piece of face that answered, can you not be the fellow that Chu Zhengzhe is fed up with that?

He Tian still gives Zhang Yunting binoculars, heart within just produces survival to was not maintained then how long afflictive and compunctious vanish completely.

Wayside, the litter that stopping a silvery white runs, MZ8 concept model, BMW car mark. Because be the particularly custom-built money that is aimed at super VIP, so, produced 5 allegedly. This is among them. Today just superior card, he Tian sits into driver's seat, zhang Yunting revises a setting for him. Sound accuses to start engine, road identifying system is started, automobile body instant checks circumference the road of 100 meters of less than besides, because the inductive change to road surface whole is initiative,the wheel also is met finish adjust. Steering wheel is in hand, can oneself are controlled, OK also and mandatory control to computer. Accelerator walks to 220, take a sudden turn also won't allow car out of control. 200 meters outside, elegant the signal that built entrance door has accepted a car to want. One thousandth second sends message of the person that drive, person that take at full speed. The gate is opened, this car of silvery white is shot commonly as lightning. Automatic navigation goes to a parking lot, drift enters parking space. A series of motions are fluent and perfect!

Those who enjoy such acme drive car experience, he Tian already nervous, special excitement. Give him the key when Zhang Yunting, say: "Will rise tomorrow, drive this car. " he has received the key, did not hesitate again.

In the evening, he Jia's family dines together not any special. Domestic member edge enjoys cate, the edge talks cheerfully and humourously. Xuyifeihui blames father and son of congratulate listen wind, congratulate day all things are inferior to her meaning, still can mock likewise everywhere pygmean the He Ningxi of one cut two.

Congratulate listen wind stands already completely in Xuyifei here, support lets He Ningxi read the Yinghua high school with the best public praise inside city. He Tian says: "Had not fulfilled completely, nevertheless, do not have any problems presumably, and pass two days again at most, the message is transmitted, ning Xi is OK enter a school. Ning Xi is OK enter a school..

He Ningxi courage became great a lot of, the eye that showing shagginess suddenly says to He Tian: "My homework is bad, you can want to say to be clear about to the teacher beforehand. You can want to say to be clear about to the teacher beforehand..

Xu Yifei flapped she is one: "Never mention it so despondent word. Since tomorrow, mom coachs you. The content outside language number is changed, we want much higher mark, that is difficulty having a place, but, let you reach a height that goes almost, mom self-confidence is OK still. Mom self-confidence is OK still..

Eat a meal, he Tian goes with congratulate listen wind study.

Took a study, he Tian takes door of submit a written statement to a higher authority, sit down opposite sofa area with father. Look of congratulate listen wind twinkles, stare a son. He Tian lowers his head to brood, passed to meet, say to father: "Father, let young wise man also read. Enter Ying Hua, he Ningxi one batch. He Ningxi one batch..

"Why? " congratulate listen wind is early know he wants what to put forward to oneself, nevertheless, it is such thing unexpectedly, congratulate listen him wind is unavoidable and open-eyed, "Don't you know the teenager secret service of hematic shadow hall accepts the training of more more severe than Everyman exacting as a child? They have to go 16 years old several alone mostly each district executes the mission, no matter be a language, still be grain industry field, they are basic it is the person that be the same as the outstanding in age person. They are basic it is the person that be the same as the outstanding in age person..

"These I know, not only such, " He Tian lowers his head one smile, raise a head to come, very open-armed say, "I still know, among the person that young wise man is the same as batch in hematic shadow hall, no matter strike art, pop art, still be all sorts of as irrelevant as these professional technologies, his level be among the best of candidates. However -- " here, his the topic of conversation turns, "You do not feel his lax in discipline, disposition also too does Guo Jie a good horse? Nevering mention it is you, it is Hunan uncle, fierce bound is accepted Huadongdi one ace, be released from prison up to now, young wise man has the control that has listened to him, even if also go? Even if also go??

Congratulate listen wind suffers greatly touch.

"I innocently bespatter you and the brotherhood between Hunan uncle, but, the Milky way as to the world female the meaning of area of big an ancient name for China, in fact, what Hunan uncle holds the position of is your bodyguard. Or, " He Tian stops, changed a view very quickly: "The Milky way is our protective god, such saying, you do not have most propbably any demur. You do not have most propbably any demur..

"Say then. " expression of congratulate listen wind is austere rise.

"Say from the point of view that learns knowledge, the action since school place not very crucial. Two rely on the school, one relies on a society, study this issue, 7 minutes of need rely on him. But, form the habit with right idea, reasonable nurturance, the school this Sukhavati, it is however result cannot do not have. We are grow from a such places come out, you also should feel father somewhat, though innovate force as to the mankind crucial, but, if cannot place a heart to come at all follow rules, in that way a talented person that has innovation capacity extremely, did the group want to have very with? We wanted, have again why to use? Have again why to use??

Brows of congratulate listen wind knits close: "Your word, very reasonable. But -- "

"For the friendly feelings with Hunan home can long, must how is church Chu Zhengzhe an upright person! Must how is church Chu Zhengzhe an upright person!!

"Your Hunan uncle he -- "

"He can agree so do. "He can agree so do..

"Are you affirmatory? "Are you affirmatory??

"Hum. "Hum..

"Why? "Why??

"Where a father can be willing oneself son always distains to be considered to oneself, indifferent? Filial piety of 100 be apt to is first, from this angle consideration, let young wise man accept normal education, have 100 interest only and do not have kill. Have 100 interest only and do not have kill..

Such decision, bring about the 3rd day one big early, chu Zhengzhe by violet blue drag from the bed.

"Dry? "Dry??

Want everyday almost and these a few people are in Hao Chen of Lin Xiao ease, Jiang, Tan Wenxin, Mu Yunbai after green forest is mixed to 12 o'clock, should sleep always also to late in the morning the following day -- the Hunan with conversed day and night is big little, this is nodded by pull from the bed, internal heat how not can big?

He flings caution to the winds bypass is violet blue, spelled a life to go to next by get in the nest. But, violet blue this iron heart, just get on him from the bed of the room, by the side of the table that carries dining-room.

Hao Chen of Lin Xiao ease, Jiang, Tan Wenxin and Mu Yunbai bilk 17 numbers in Haydn drink in vain, it seems that the parent of this house came, they are not commonsensible photograph 4 times, the as sudden as lightning gets dressed, sneak away together next stair.

The movement of Lin Xiao ease is the most agile, stand at attention stands in violet blue before: "The uncle is good! "The uncle is good!!

Jiang Hao Chen subsequently, also stand at attention cries high: "The uncle is good. "The uncle is good..

Tan Wenxin, Mu Yunbai unwillings to lag behind: "The uncle is good! " " the uncle is good! " " the uncle is good!!

The aunt that cooks a meal has prepared an egg to fry meal, beefsteak and thin pancake made of millet flour, bead of the vegetable that uses packet of thin pancake made of millet flour, flesh and sauce makings are discharged one by one on the table.

Violet La Qiao look Chu Zhengzhe this group of new friends, laugh slightly: "Sit! "Sit!!

4 in chorus such as Lin Xiao ease cheer, sit, some dug an egg to fry a meal to be gone to send in the mouth, some cut one chunk beefsteak but strong chew. Mu Yunbai is the most exquisite, took a cake, mix bead of vegetable, flesh slow slowly sauce expects the bag rises one case eat.

Chu Zhengzhe can find no way out, be forced to also sit. Eat almost, violet blue call him the sitting room alone: "Young wise man, I come round to inform you on behalf of your father, the congratulate of world female always is entrusted east agency of big Professor He Tianhe concerns matters concerned of your enter a school, yesterday, already whole tribe is solid. Today is Saturday, tomorrow a day, acquired Zhou Yi, you make one's bow high school reads this city Yinghua, join a class in the middle of the course reads second year in high school. Join a class in the middle of the course reads second year in high school..

"You, you, you... say again! " too astonished, drop the Hunan eldest son that won't lose heart from cliff repeatedly, at the moment says a word is tongue-shy, "I, I, I tell you, dozen from be born to begin, I -- had not seen the school grows what sample. Let me what school go to? Let me what school go to??

"This city most popular high school is in Ying Huagao, the student of junior high school with not clear know exactly how things stand of every annual meeting nibbed the head is gone to inside auger. The student of junior high school with not clear know exactly how things stand of every annual meeting nibbed the head is gone to inside auger..

"That -- I also do not go! "That -- I also do not go!!

"Do not go be no good? "Do not go be no good??

"Can you still give me bind the past? " He Zila is big goggle at is small, chu Zhengzhe this time traitorous go ahead regardless.

However, how does he also want to be less than, what is what next he should face. Violet blue take a telephone call, dialed a number, told a few. That tone, that content, take toe head to want to also know, blue violet Comrade Xiang Laochu brought a lawsuit against.

Laochu all along without giving thought to son!

Chu Zhengzhe although perturbed, but also not very fears.

But, after 5 minutes, two black run quickly baby-sitter car opens Haydn before 17 villa. Laoyue and Wu Ying are taking away a group the bodyguard of the Milky way comes in. Laoyue and Wu Ying wear dishabille, someone else wears uniform of the Milky way completely, a dense mass of is pressed one piece come in.

Hao Chen of the Lin Xiao ease that hides by dining-room to look, Jiang, Tan Wenxin and Mu Yunbai cannot refrain from to stand completely.

Fist of cut into a mountain is accurate and firm, chu Zhengzhe was blocked a few times, the arm is unripe ache. Escape its sharp edge, sneak away from flank come out, form of Chu Zhengzhe body is clever, "Whiz " ground leap up arrives doorway. But, strong wind comes over from cerebral hind, chu Zhengzhe still does not have pose of commutation of there's still time, this flatus " breathe out " turn through ear again in front come. Wu Ying's leg, even if is violet blue, also there is no lack of dread. Did Chu Zhengzhe just drill a few years? Zun Chong is right dash forward do not have a law to rush out at all. Be pressed those who die to death, be touched on the wall finally.

Wu Ying double armlet is held in the arms, smilingly path: "Young young son, you can want a bit better Oh. You can want a bit better Oh..

At hand people embrace come up, right-and-left hold sb under duress, go out Chu Zhengzhe belt, car of the first baby-sitter.

The 4 people such as Lin Xiao ease are chased after, right violet blue say: "Uncle, where should take young wise man to go? Where should take young wise man to go??

Violet blue see Laoyue and Wu Ying, wu Ying hunchs smile, laoyue says: "The boss' meaning, belt young young son goes starfish square, shop! Shop!!

In Lin Xiao the strong demand of the person such as ease falls, violet blue, Laoyue, Wu Ying takes them together. Original Chu Zhengzhe is very repellent act this, but, they like Lin Xiao ease. The dress tries in men's clothing ministry, 4 family financial situation are real the fellow of not up to much this brand runs to that brand, this dress tries that dress. Common saying says: The person relies on clothes horse to rely on saddle, wear rise, 4 people, each Yu Zhipian is Pian, tasteful Ti Tang.

4 people round Chu Zhengzhe, all with one voice says: "Do not think, want to be bought completely really. Want to be bought completely really..

Chu Zhengzhe enrages moral integrity of their a bit to be done not have, but, since so want, how can he still do? Accordingly, he is right violet blue say: "Want me to buy the clothes, can, for me these brothers are bought completely, as long as they are taken a fancy to, each appearance is multiplied with 5. Each appearance is multiplied with 5..

Laoyue and Wu Ying take cool energy of life, violet blue look twinkles, moment nods: "All right. "All right..

Laoyue turns round to say to arranging the counterjumper of the dress: "Did not close, with measures, come to 5 entirely. Come to 5 entirely..

Counterjumper great rejoicing: "True? " the person of entire store rises busily entirely immediately. Not only this one, mix next door next door next door, be in busy. Altogether arranged a person 8 dresses, held 8 large bag, 4 at hand, take away entirely.

Violet blue, Laoyue, Wu Ying takes this group of ursine children to go stationery ministry.

such, that day afternoon, hao Chen of ease of Chu Zhengzhe, Lin Xiao, Jiang, Tan Wenxin and Mu Yunbai sit in the sitting room, face the stationery that has cleared away shipshapely, 5 people, 10 eyes, you see me, I see you, relatively reticent.

Very long later, in the van of Lin Xiao ease apologizes: "That, the old, i... I I am sorry you. " one's voice in speech just fell, chu Zhengzhe attacks. Be pressed on sofa by Chu Zhengzhe, lin Xiao ease at the same time bumbling ward off blows, at the same time loud beg for mercy: "I know wrong, I know a fault. " sit up, be pushed by Chu Zhengzhe again inside sofa.

Jiang Hao Chen plays Chu Zhengzhe's hand, "Ah ah " laugh: "Good good, beat dead we, the thing that you go to school also is iron plate hammer. The thing that you go to school also is iron plate hammer..

Tan Wenxin extends the head come over: "Young wise man, take us to go together. Take us to go together..

Chu Zhengzhe hears talk, can't help be stupefied.

Lin Xiao ease and Jiang Hao celestial bodies also are stupefied, after a short while, chu Zhengzhe sits a sofa, cover abdomen bursts out laughing. This, be hit into sofa changed Tan Wenxin. Lin Xiao ease and within an inch of of Jiang Hao celestial bodies this " long-tongued goods " to beat dead. "Garrulous, garrulous, garrulous! " forest, Jiang Er National People's Congress breathes out, "Who wants to go, who should go to school, we just do not go to school, go up high school, the content outside learning language number is changed! The content outside learning language number is changed!!

Mu Yunbai assists Tan Wenxin in a low voice: "Go to school what is there bad? My settle on learns very good. " this word says, draw fire against oneself of not less than. Lin Xiao ease and Jiang Hao celestial bodies cooperate with division of labour, one repairs Tan Wenxin, one repairs Mu Yunbai. Put up a desperate struggle of Tan Wenxin, Mu Yunbai, cry in succession: "I should go up Ying Hua. " " I also should go up Ying Hua. " " I also should go up Ying Hua..

Chu Zhengzhe laugh gave tear, before going up, pull open them.

Tan Wenxin and admire cloud sit rapidly in vain decorous, had pushed lightly to knead henroost to get a hair, tan Wen Xinxian says: "Tell true, I feel to go up Ying Huazhen's pretty is good. " see Xiaobai, had twisted a head to say: "I hear Guo Yinghua's name with Xiaobai, in bound of whole Hua Dong, this middle school also is a celebrity. This middle school also is a celebrity..

"He Yoying, person of outstanding ability together, education of congeneric Ying Hua instructs a group. Since nursery school, teach the pioneer orgnaization in the industry namely. " Mu Yunbai is compensatory.

Chu Zhengzhe still distains: "Then I have to take the equestrian wind that surnames congratulate? "Then I have to take the equestrian wind that surnames congratulate??

Each other see Hao Chen of Lin Xiao ease, Jiang, Tan Wenxin and Mu Yunbai. Finally, lin Xiao ease one face is solemn, say: "Without giving thought to how, we are 5, begin from now, you say how with respect to how. " 4 pieces of young faces are brushed together brush projectile piece firm and persistent.

Chu Zhengzhe is touched one blast, laughed: "Go up on. " look of the face below look suffering forest, Jiang, see the Tan that be radiant with joy, admire, hand one brandish: "Go together! "Go together!!

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