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The 28th chapter she today's abnormality

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" Mo Xiao of turn one's head like that " three 21 / , this chapter in all 2026 words, update at: 2019-06-02 10:50

Because Mu Zimo is brought up in abroad as a child, what contact to ancient culture of China is less, engraft ceaselessly in what consider desolate later below, slowly fell in love with Chinese ancient prose to change.

This moment is meal dot, bustling, lively occasion.

The clerk walked over quickly: "Consider always, ready, come with me please. Come with me please..

Mu Zimo this ability response comes, make the hand that considers Xiao Huan to go up in her waist, follow a clerk to go to in go.

Mu Zimo thinks the clerk can take them to go the sort of small kiosk, result clerk took them to get on 2 buildings directly, will manage baluster office, this position, the arena to downstair hall, the show that can attend arena all stops eye ground.

The clerk poured two cups of tea to them: "Consider always, need serving now? Need serving now??

Gu Xiao " hum " , wave she withdraws motion, the clerk was retreated deferentially.

The hold in mouth or eyes in considering Xiao Yan is worn laugh, look at hold cheek in the palm to looking attentively at scenic Mu Zimo: "Like? "Like??

Truly ponders Mu Zimo: "Like. "Like..

"Good-looking? "Good-looking??

"Good-looking. "Good-looking..

"Love me? "Love me??

"Love. " word exit, mu Zimo Jing becomes aware bedding bag road, rapid complement: "Fart. "Fart..

Gu Xiao wants to be less than young woman to be able to say bad word, a tea is contained in the mouth, gush of within an inch of come out: "With the bad language that who learns? "With the bad language that who learns??

"Want you to be in charge of? " Mu Zimo does not have way of good energy of life.

"Must not say again later! " the man's strong command.

Eye of Mu Zimo narrow one's eyes is staring at Gu Xiao, corners of the mouth slightly cock: "Consider the woman that always does not like to say bad word so. " , red lip spits gently: "Then I slant say. "Then I slant say..

Man eye eye tightens up instantly: "You have a try! "You have a try!!

Mu Zimo wants to say two stimulate him again originally, but, just that bad language, just also blurt out, let her say really now, her cudgel one's brains for, also do not know to want what to say.

Gu Xiao looks at feminine complexion pale occur simultaneously, think she is to be afraid of, a smile is mounted in the eye.

"Broken bits male! " Mu Zimo thinks of suddenly a few days ago to brush small gain, the noun that brushs, look like and this man very match.

The smile in man eye has not reached eye ground, hear suddenly so word, corners of the mouth can'ts help smoking, send out immediately all over an air conditioning that makes a person terrifying.

When serving coming on the clerk, just encounter this one act, look at the expression of oneself boss, the serving before dare not going up at a draught.

Mu Zimo says a tongue, toot is worn small mouth, goggle at eye, one face is innocent path: "You let me say. "You let me say..

Know her obviously meaning of this appearance hereat installs him to look now, but, he is this one to eat her, look at her small mouth, he thinks one impediment takes gut in: "I did not let you scold me. "I did not let you scold me..

"I just state a fact. " the woman nots comply not forgive.

The nest in man thorax is worn a fire, do not break out again, lighted a cigarette, low growl: "Serving. "Serving..

Mu Zimo sees the man's rusty look, a little complacent, she never has won him on utterance, feel oneself won for the first time, hard to avoid has some of be beside oneself.

The man looks at the appearance of her get dizzy with success, light spit a smoke: "I this fiance is broken bits male, are you very complacent? Are you very complacent??

Choke of a dish is in Mu Zimo guttural, acuteness cough rises, coughing gas breathes heavily to come nevertheless.

The body comes over since Gu Xiao, hold cigarette gas is arranged to her in the mouth, poured cup water to give her gargle again.

It is good to passed a little while, ability delay enrages Mu Zimo too, pointing to him to: "Bit further from me, choke person! Choke person!!

"You are certainly by smoke choke, either by my word choke? " saying, to her little face, said a smoke, the Mu Zimo of choke begins cough to rise again.

Fog had in the eye that Mu Zimo coughs, if be at ordinary times, she can be borne for certain, but, today, she does not want to allow this man have an easy time namely, tearful eyes looks at him faintly: "You know to bully me! "You know to bully me!!

Man one Jing, destroyed rapidly smoke, hold her in arms: "How to cry? "How to cry??

Mu Zimo hides in the titter in his bosom, a chuckle to oneself in the heart, begin again after chuckle to oneself disconsolate, they what do this calculate?

He took her to come here, he is writing down her to think a such antique dining-room all the time, here, unlike is real world, more resembling is a dreamy kingdom, this is her dream, so, she becomes especially other and argumentative today, she is enmeshed in her dream.

The man did not return the position on again, sit in with her however together, help her pare shrimp, pick fish bone to her, how didn't oneself eat however, but look at her to eat, eat than oneself more contented.

Etc those who eat is about the same, mu Zimo just remembers the goal that has a meal today suddenly, mouth path: "Learn elder sister and learning to grow after all is how to return a responsibility.

Gu Xiao took piece of paper, help her brush the mouth, she also did not refuse, his finger glide she is soft soft lip, let his some capricious.

Mu Zimo body resembles getting an electric shock kind trembled, man vision shinings look at her: "Wood, how long, had not I seen you so? Had not I seen you so??

Say, prep before Mu Zimo reacts, button her head, kissed to come down continuously. His kiss, tender and lingering, resembling is to be in recount these year longing.

Mu Zimo did not revolt, also do not have a response however.

Although discover Mu Zimo very abnormal today, but he is happy she today's abnormality.

His hand take advantage of an opportunity is placed from her garment got, mu Zimo has some of chafe suddenly, this man, should give him a bit facial expression only, he is met be insatiable, in this kind communal circumstance does such business to her.

Before be like him to had not kissed him before, he all the time prim. After been kiss by him later, he is prim kissed period of time, do not satisfy a kiss again later, begin to want more, gave him first time chance, he such. Develop to take off her slowly later a with nothing left, press in the bed - on, do all sorts of be ashamed - the thing of be ashamed, also give him nurturance kiss every time, always should be in her body - the convention that attends to feel in disorder.

She holds his not law-abiding hand, he is touching her head: "Do not have a thing, won't somebody comes. Won't somebody comes..

This ability discovers Mu Zimo besides 1 building clamorous, 2 buildings above has them only one desk, deserted. But, still have a lot of people downstairs, moreover, although she is willing to be kissed by him, do not represent be willing to let him be in her body - on ignition.

Her both hands protects before the bosom: "Not was troubled by, say one's proper business. Say one's proper business..

Gu Xiao holds her in arms, in her side side in a low voice: "Go tonight I that? "Go tonight I that??

Mu Zimo frown has good-looking brow: "You again such, I got angry really. I got angry really..

Gu Xiao mouth sighed, in conceiving her invade, it is good to was appeased a little while, just start to talk slowly: "Qin Heng and land brook are friendship spanning for generations two, two people are brought up together as a child, you know. But Liu Xiaoxi is land home is bastard female, this don't you know? This don't you know??

This, mu Zimo does not know really, so she raises a head to look at Gu Xiao.

Gu Xiao raises a hand to obscure her eye: "Do not see me so, I should cannot help again. I should cannot help again..

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