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How does the boss that displeases love bear grudges do?

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In narrow model work in boss branch, affirmative meeting specialDepressed. Final result, probable it is posse of sectional everybody Dou Baocheng, want to defeat boss with collective force.

This is very common case, often need raise one's arm of a certain person to breathe out only, the person of whole department is stimulated with respect to feelings of the masses emerge, each gives counsel, must pull down boss cannot.

Be in personally in that environment, calculate again sober person to also can burn with righteous indignation, a lot of rational at ordinary times the person that think can be driven.

But, subordinate adopts round way, true can is victory narrow model boss?

  One, be not the business that everybody does to be opposite namely.

Person much power is great, not be absolutely, at least on on-the-job field not applicable. The of 80% influence in duty field is centered in the hand of 20% people, a word can decide the boss in the private enterprise life and death.

In grade on the duty field of clarity of trenchant, property right, what to rely on a person to have to use more?

The concept with person much numerous influence, it is to be based on " most despotic rule " , this kind of thought is the volitional conquer small number of people that wants to use most person. But did the person say to which company calculate more? It is a joint stock company, the influence of partner also is small pity.

On the other hand, the truth masters in the small number of people's hand forever.

Perhaps somebody does not agree with this word, but if people is agreed with the thing is useful really, why be everybody can succeed? Why the small number of people stands to go alone especially only, and the person that succeed however out this kind?

Why be in people look is Einstein fatheaded? Why to build at present to want to leave school than Er? Why extraordinary of tall cloth Si Yongyuan?

The person that any succeeds understands this reason -- the truth is to master in hand of small number of people.

Copernicus offers heliocentric theory, people thinks he is crazy, but the fact proves he is right. Darwin puts forward Darwinism, theology bound group and attack, but the fact proves he is right. Yuan Chonghuan is regarded as by common people traitor while still alive beats dead, but he still is right.

Each discovery in human history, finish by the small number of people, all truths master in the small number of people's hand.

So on on-the-job field, relying on unitive majority person only isWithoutThe law pulls down boss, this kind of practice not only profitless, harmful even.


 2, subordinate holds a group in the arms to be tightened more, boss is more correct.

All the year round the person that on-the-job field confuses, had seen the picture of the make a stand against that embrace a group a few times. Perhaps revolt boss, or for raises water. But yourself is analysed, does this kind of action have much higher successful rate after all?

Successful rate is very low very low, can say accomplish sth inadequacy beats an issue even superabundant.

General subordinate holds round make a stand against in the arms, can bring 3 results. It is company and subordinate break with firstly, everybody is patted two medicinal powder, this kind of case is more in the private enterprise, but not common. It is company management layer secondly to subordinate each checkmate, press whole thing go down, this is the commonnest processing technique. It is to promise subordinate requirement thirdly, next each calculates another general ledger.

Can see, no matter be which result, do not have advantage to your duty field career, although future finds new job, this kind of experience also can produce a large number of negative effect. Informal which company does not hope to enrol take an astatic factor, so 佛山夜网

this kind of fame comes out, it is the stain in professional career.

Why does subordinate hold round make a stand against in the arms to always have good result hard? This is concerned with duty field essence.

His powers and authorities of office has each boss two sides sex, say simply even if bigger liability weighs influence more. Be in when him so before subordinate when exercise influence, they are assuming responsibility likewise.

And subordinate holds round revolt in the arms, do with boss right, was equivalent to stripping the influence of boss, but even they go assuming responsibility.

This is every administrator is the biggestNightmare, to them, this tolerates impossibly absolutely, listening to jussive subordinate is cancer cell, and diffuse when cancer cell after embracing a group, metropolis disease sends whole job field.

Your boss it may not be a bad idea, the boss it may not be a bad idea of boss, when facing this kind of situation, what think of a little while only is " if the lips are gone " .

Understood? They won't ask why you are done东莞夜网

so at all, also won't ask you want how, they can fear their influence also is challenged only.

Because duty field is interest field, every boss is preferential the benefit that considers oneself. Subordinate people what to need to be able to say additionally, but if challenge oneself power, that is no good absolutely, must want to punish severely.

Be this reason, so the make a stand against embracing a group of every time subordinate can let boss only people more solidarity, think when subordinate when opposing a certain person only, all management layer that has gotten on duty field however actually is condensed together.

You embrace a group the more, be roused to action of feelings of the masses is the more unanimous, boss people should suppress you the more, differentiation you. This is two contrary interest areas, contradiction mediates harder more greatly.

In boss people look, if subordinate revolt succeeded, can have the 2nd order 3 times and even boundless second troublesome, be impossible to compromise so.


 3, come out to mix what should return sooner or later.

The make a stand against that embrace a group pulls down boss successfully very hard, and if fail, what consequence can you have again?

Narrow model boss is person narrow-minded originally, envious heart is intense, a flock of at hand affront he, what good result can you have? Will naturally more mad dozen press subordinate, to be the first the person make things hard for sb of make trouble, let hell more like hell.

When actually our everybody can encounter be roused to action of feelings of the masses, total meeting somebody is in beside us egg on does bit of what business 上海水磨

together, we always also are met by hot-blooded turn sb's head.

But before working truly, must want to stop want, have profit to oneself?

Everybody did not forget, offending a person have cost, you did this business, cannot get corresponding benefit, displease boss instead, become the eyesore of boss, can you accept such cost?

Be not the business that everybody is doing, you also must be done. Because not be everybody correct, the choice that is not everybody is reasonable. A lot of people are not in charge of even oneself, every drop is lousy idea, you still follow at the back of his buttock bang the drum for sb, either what is court death?

Everybody should have the capacity that thinks independently, be in when somebody flicker when, oneself think well, this thing has profit to who, to who to have disadvantage? When somebody wants you to hold round make a stand against in the arms together, you want to think well, is this thing useful really? Is there the value that make? What benefit can you get? What cost will pay?

Duty field is a reason, accord with logistic interest field, so everybody needs to think rationally. Temporarily turn sb's head and boss do pair of nature very bright, after Dan Shuang passes?

Missay the status that a word affects lifetime cause cans be found everywhere, duty field is intere东莞夜网

st field also be mine field, must take care everywhere, step by step careful, take a false step is met probably far-reaching.


  4, person much influence is numerous be inferior to following pair of people.

How should that do? Should not bear narrow model the doing of boss, cannot work in the same place in order to mix one case again make a stand against, how should turn over after all?

The answer is very simple, a word can be generalized -- person much influence is numerous be inferior to following pair of people.

The place in be like above paragraphs says, offending a person have cost, become so big guy make trouble when, you should be sober hide aside, do not want to come forward, do not risk a needle.

But what be not to be not done, rather is, you need to do a very complex business -- find more high-level backer.

Had written before, the influence of on duty field 80% is to master in the hand of 20% , only administrative high level just has real real power. And alleged hit a snake hit 7 inches, narrow model boss what is is he the most nervous? Most what is those who fear?

The answer of this problem is influence.

Influence just is narrow model the place of the gate of vitality of boss, they most fear to lose power, also fear to compare them more powerful per东莞夜网


And boss thinks you are done least of all, you need to do most.

Become so faze of people confused confusion, be troubled by so that cannot leave when handing in, just is you are crossed narrow model boss, go be close to more high-level opportunity.

This has been to pull down narrow model the last pace of boss, all be all set, wait only buckle next trigger.

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